Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blogging - take two.

Blogging rocks. 

I especially liked reading the comments from those of you who actually mastered the comment section. Yes, there were several who could not. A few of my friends actually asked that I send directions on how to comment. Wow. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is for me to have such friends? They drain me. 

I've also had a few requests to send an e-mail whenever I update my blog. Um, hello? This is about ME, people, not you and what you need from me. Hopefully I'll make some new friends in the bloggosphere (is that a word?) and will be able to drop those friends who really bring me down. (you know who you are). But I don't know, would it kill you to remember to try to check my blog every now and again?

Of course that does not include my BFF whose comment did not go unnoticed, thank you very much. That's why she is my BFF; I can always count on her. I think I'll post that essay I wrote about you awhile back. Now that I'm a blogger, I can do that, you know. You remember the essay? The one where I put you up against Gayle? Yes, that Gayle; Gayle of Oprah fame. Gayle King, I believe. (no she cannot pull off just Gayle like her BFF, Oprah). 

Ok, so back to my lame friends. I think there is some way for YOU to get an e-mail when I post something new. But I'm certainly not going to get bogged down with those details. That's up to you. I have more important things to do now that I am a blogger. If somebody knows of a way - feel free to comment. 

Which brings me back to the comment section. It's really quite simple, choose the word "COMMENT" at the bottom of my blog. This will take you to a new screen and if you don't have a Google/Blogger sign on - then choose the Sign Up Here option. Simply click on the words "SIGN UP HERE" and it will bring you to another screen that will allow you to sign up! Simple as that. Use your current e-mail address (, aol, etc...), then retype it, choose a password, then retype it, choose a Display Name (BFF Erin is already taken - so back off), then type in the word that looks like it's been pulled on and stretched out, then hit the acceptance of terms key and you are ready to type a comment. Here's where you say something nice and then have an option to preview it. Then post the sucker for all to read and are done. Any questions? You know where to find me. 

I was also told that my font was a little small. And then somebody else told me it was too big. And lo and behold, another reader told me that it was the perfect size. I guess you can't please everybody, can you? I guess I'll only listen to those of you who can actually master the comment field. 

Ok, I've got to go look for my essay on my BFF...


Anonymous said...

Boy you've got some lame friends!
I am reiding, and definitely weeping.

Anonymous said...

I promise I'll teach Amy how to do this. JF

Anonymous said...

Only anonymous knows for sure.