Thursday, February 21, 2008

The First Results Show

No surprises tonight. 

Actually, there was one.... believe it or not, I forgot about the group sing. You'd think after 6 seasons of faithful viewing I'd remember the queer group singing and dancing extravaganza. But no, it caught me by surprise. That's when the FF button on the DVR comes in handy.

So, I'm not sure if Colton should have been the one to leave us tonight, but if not tonight, then surely in a week or two. So, why not cut to the chase.

I know a lot of people think that Simon is cruel and heartless. (I am so not one of those people.) But they are wrong, I'll tell you what is cruel and heartless...making the losers sing their way off the stage. Seriously, it is beyond mean. Again, thanks to the FF button on the DVR, I am not forced to watch such heinous acts. Go ahead and show us "their journey" and blast the send off song in their ears - but spare them the walk of shame by having to sing their bad song choice one last time. It's cruel and unusual punishment. It's just wrong. 

I don't remember the other dude's name who left tonight. The kid who looks like a crack addict. (He actually looked better tonight, I think he may have gotten a full night's sleep last night). 

As for the ladies....they both needed to go. America did it's job nicely. We narrowed the field by two and didn't lose a single blonde. And did you see the sushi girl got hair extensions? I wonder if her stylist is reading my blog? Because while the Rocker Nurse still has those weird blonde streaks in her hair - it's not quite as Lily Munster-esque. The hairstylist are earning their pay. 

I'd already seen the two music videos that aired tonight. When you are as obsessed as I, there is very little that gets by you. The Idol video proved to me that with the right stylist and camera guy, anybody can look like a star (Example: Oprah Winfrey. Have you ever seen her without hair and makeup? Horrible.) And the Paula video proved to me that she is infact a talentless has-been. 

And as for the "scandal" of several Idol contestants having previous recording contracts? I hardly think it's even worth mentioning. I think everybody deserves a second chance. America loves a good second chance story. Think John Travolta. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...


Anonymous said...

you can't remember the dude's name? think leif garrett ==> Garrett Haley

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see Colton go. He could not win but would have grown with the experience. I was pulling for the black guy to be off. And I actually like the group song. But the guys are much better than the girls. I believe the girls will be picked off early when it is down to the top 12. Yes it is painful to sing that "swan" song. However, these guys did it better than the previous ones. Before they could hardly muster and the other contestants had to come out and hold them up. So the losers last night showed great maturity and courage.