Friday, February 29, 2008

Four More Go Home

Folks, we need to pull ourselves together. 

Never in the history of Idol has a departing contestant sobbed as much as Alaina did last night. That was just too painful to watch. (That is her name, isn't it? Honestly, I still cannot tell the blondes apart.) To be honest, I did think the other blonde was going home last night. But does it really matter? It's just a matter of weeks before all the blondes are sent packing and David Archuletta is the sole survivor. How about her begging Ryan not to make her sing? Holy mother of pearl was that uncomfortable.

Alexandriaessa (whose name I never mastered) was no surprise. And while she held herself together nicely, sweet, Little David had a hard time with her departure. I think she needs to play volleyball. I'm not sure she has the skill set, but she's got the look. 

Robbie the Rocker, who apparently sports a wig, (that's what TMZ is reporting) was sent home to find his identity. He will not be missed. (I hope the paparazzi gets a shot of him sans the wig). Lady Luck was on Luke's side last night....I'm sure he'll be the next to go. 

And Jason, Jason, Jason is headed back to the restaurant where he'll resume his gig as a singing waiter. Love how Ryan asked Simon for advice for the departing Jason, but opted to go with Paula (the kinder, gentler judge) when he needed help with the sobbing Alaina. 

And, no, I will not comment on The Group Sing. It was embarrassing enough having to watch Alaina melt down in front of 30 million viewers, I could not bring myself to watch that Group Sing thing. 

Way too much sobbing. I watched Tuesday's episode of The Biggest Loser last night and the crying that went on there almost put me over the edge. Four grown (I'm talking LARGE) men blubblering like idiots. Nobody needs to see that on TV. 

I'm just glad that the week is over. I don't have to turn on that TV for several nights. It's all about smiles today....


Anonymous said...

They got it right with the guys last night. But I'm not quite sure with the girls. The Britney impersonator and the horsey tomboy should've gotten the boot. And I totally agree with the crying. Too much. Except the shot of Danny crying was pretty funny. You could tell he wanted to burst across the stage and cry cry cry with all his girlfriends. Thanks for mentioning the Biggest Loser cryfest. Wow. That was awkward. 4 grown men getting tattoos and crying about feeling like brothers. What the? I think all that weight they've lost has created a chemical imbalance. Cue the tears.
-Uncle Ryan

North Country Mama said...

Loved the shot of wet-faced Danny. Any of the blondes could have gone home last night. zzzzz I find i cannot watch the group song or the parting (sob) song anymore. Too awkward. That pudgy Chris Daughtry wannabe is bugging the crap out of me.

not a weeper said...

I think blonde2 got the boot over blonde1 because the most interesting fact about herself she could share on national tv was .... that she has a neurotic eating disorder and has to compartmentalize her food.