Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where Have All the Comments Gone?

I've been enjoying all the comments! 

I wish there was a mystery concerning the deleted comments. I guess I could spin a tale about how the comments were x-rated and not fit for family reading. Or I could tell you that somebody at the YMCA was making death threats to me and my family. Or that the Girl Scouts of America were plugging their sales locations and offering huge discounts in an attempt to dump the Do-Si-Dos. But they would all be lies. 

The simple truth of the matter is that they were duplicate comments. Apparently some of my blog readers, ok, really just one particular reader, has not yet mastered the comment section. Said reader was quick to try to place blame on my blog for her duplicate entries, but I was quicker to point out that it was in fact...user error. I encourage her and all of you to practice your blogging rights by commenting early and often. 

This is the same reader (whose identity I will keep secret, but who is much more than just a mere reader to me. And since I referred to her as "her" in the above paragraph you know the reader is a female) hopes my blog "goes national". Um, last I checked, the world wide web covered the entire nation and then some. But yes, let's take it national, for sure. As soon as she masters the comment section - I'm taking this thing national. Who's in?

So I'm looking forward to some quality TV watching tonight as the top 12 men will be taking the Idol stage for the first time. I've got big hopes for the Tim Daly look-alike. And then I guess tomorrow night the top 12 women will do the same. And then Thursday night we will say good bye to 4 or them? Holy mother of pearl, that's a helluva lot of TV watching this week. Between my blogging and my TV watching, I have little time for anything else. But I do have plans a few nights this week, so bare with me if my blog isn't as punctual as you would like. Duty calls. 

And speaking of TV, this Sunday is my favorite night of television all year. Bar none. Oscar night. Hell, it's right up there with Christmas for me. I cannot wait. I've already got my DVR programmed to record the red carpet, the Barbara Walter's Special and, of course, the Academy Award Presentation. 

Enjoy the show tonight...

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