Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 12 Ladies

I'm not going to take up much blog space on tonight's performances. 

Last night I started by commenting on Paula's performance (and by the way, I think she had her meds adjusted; she didn't appear quite as high) so tonight I'll start with Ryan. Love him. I think he always knows what to say and handles himself like a pro. If Paula and Randy left tomorrow (fat chance of that happening) the show would go on...but if Ryan or Simon left...they would be sorely missed. That said, if Ryan tells me that "the level of talent is higher than ever before" one more time, my head is going to explode. Enough already, Ryan. 

Here it goes...I don't remember half their names or their performances. 

First up was the girl who sold her horse to make it to the auditions. If she wins Idol, she wants to buy her horse back. Well, it looks like the horse may be headed for the glue factory. 

Next up was the plus size model. I don't remember her song, but I remember that she sang like a white girl, yet looked like Queen Latifah.

The Carrie Underwood look-a-like was ok. She sings well and has the look. I'm assuming she has a tutor on the set? Hopefully said tutor can help her with her grammar. Referring to her shoes as "these ones" left a bad taste in my mouth. I know, I's a singing competition. But I like my Idols (and my presidents) to sound somewhat intelligent when they open their mouths. Is that too much to ask?

Who was next? The Rocker Nurse. Do you think she's channeling Lily Munster with that hair-do? Simon says he likes her. He can have her. I don't care how authentic she is - I don't get her gig. 

Amy Davis is forgettable

Brooke White? I think she's cute and has a good voice - but I know what Simon means about the squeaky clean persona. She'll be around for a few weeks, but she certainly doesn't have that star quality. 

I thought Alexandrea cleaned up nicely. She was very confident and seemed to blossom on stage with her hair and make up. But I don't think she has that great of a voice? And not that it matters, but was that a zit or a mole under her lip?

When the Britney Spears impersonator took the stage, my husband (who was in and out of the room during the show) reappeared and said, "Didn't she already sing?" It was a little racist on his part - but I had to give it to him - all the blondes look a like. It's hard to tell one from the other. 

Asia'H (is that how she spells it?) did a good job. And it was good to hear about her father's passing once again. Just in case you missed it the first 300 times she mentioned it - her father is dead.

I like the sushi girl. Ramiele? I think she's a class act. And I love that she thinks that hair and make up is the best part of the show. I hope her hairstylist puts some extensions in that hair of hers. I think it would do wonders to soften her up a bit. 

What was up with Sayesha kneeling on the couch in the waiting room? Very contrived, Sayesha. Especially since Ryan had to arch his neck to make eye contact. Weird. She does have the package, but I don't think she's as likable as she thinks she is. I'm not feeling it yet, dawg. 

And last but not least...Carly. Talk about not feeling it? I haven't liked her since day one. I just don't think she's that great. Maybe that's why her first record company folded? I think I saw her buckle when Simon told her he was not impressed tonight. She knows that his opinion is really the only one that matters. It crushed her. 

So tomorrow 4 people go home. We really need to send home about 15 more to get this party started....


Kristen said...

Rocker girl? I like her better than you.....but hide the dalmation puppies when she is in the house.

Kristen said...

Rocker girl? I like her better than you.....but hide the dalmation puppies when she is in the house.

Anonymous said...

Amy Davis is unforgetable? Do you mean forgetable??