Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top Ten Ladies

We didn't really learn anything about Carly that we didn't already know. She's Irish and she hangs out at an Irish pub. Now there's a shocker. 

You know, after seven seasons of this stuff, there is only so much that the judges can say, that the contestants can say and that I can say without sounding like a broken record. So do you want to know which redundant statement bugs me the most? It's when the judges say it was a bad song choice and the contestant says something like, "I was having fun; it was my favorite song and I always wanted to sing it on TV." Really. Really? So you're happier singing a bad song and losing the competition, than singing a good song and becoming the next American Idol? Is that what I'm to believe? Well, then, Carly is ecstatic.  

Sayesha thinks that the camera loves her. She thinks she's something special. I'm not saying she isn't, I'm just saying Sayesha is going to be the first one to tell you about it. 

My favorite of the night was Brooke. I thoroughly enjoyed her Carly Simon tribute. And, no Brooke, I am not surprised, in the least, that you are a beauty school drop out. In fact, you kind of remind me of Frenchie from Grease. 

Ramiele the hula dancer has a great, big voice for a teeny, tiny girl. I think she needs to work on her stage presence a bit. 

As does the Horse Lady. You know what? I've tried, but I am just not a fan of this girl. Yes, she was better than she was last week, but that's not saying that much. I think she's jerky and forced up on stage. And I'd like to know what 5 antibiotics she was on for the flu. Five? Really. Hmm.

Sure, the Rocker Nurse was doing her best Cruella DeVille this week, but I kind of thought she looked a bit like the Cowardly Lion, as well. Maybe she would have had better luck with, "If I were the King of the Jungle...". She reads a lot. But, she doesn't think she's over educated, so that's good. Cause for a minute there I thought she might be too smart, so I'm glad she straightened that out for me. Cause a person can get crazy smart from reading too many biographies about rock star musicians. I think next week she'll heed the warning and lose the get-up.  

Alaina wanted us to know that she's got eating issues. That's what she most wanted to share with 30 million viewers....that she does not like her egg rolls to touch her lo mein noodles. I'm with Simon, she looks very old fashioned. She needs to step it up a notch. 

What was it that Alexandrea was trying to tell us? Something about joining the fire department? I didn't follow that one and had no desire to back it up and replay. What the heck was she wearing? Simon said she looked great, but I didn't get it. At all. The song was bad, the look was bad and the voice was bad. She might be going bye-bye. 

And Kady the opera singer might be joining her. Like Carly, she tried to convince us that she was having fun. She wasn't really competing as much as just trying to have some fun. Uh-huh. Sure. Funny thing was, she didn't look like she was having fun. But, that's her story and she's sticking to it. 

Asia'h had a bad night. I thought the judges were easy on her. I thought it was one of the worst performances of the night. I hope she gets a pass, because I do like her. 

Did I manage to say anything nice about anybody tonight? I think not. I'm tired and bored. I hope America is voting, because I'm going to sleep...


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