Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As Ten Goes to Nine...

I had it wrong last night! 

David Archuletta doesn't remind me of Igor of Frankenstein fame, but rather Tattoo, Mr. Roarke's faithful assistant. 

Welcome to Fantasy Island! It's the way David smiles and grunts and groans. I'm telling you, I can hear David Archuletta screaming, "Ze plane, boss, ze plane!" He is a (slightly) taller version of Herve Villechaize; the kid gives me the creeps. I think he is actually living on Fantasy Island. 

But enough about David Archuletta about Ramiele's staying power? What the? She needs to play the lottery tonight because anything is possible. She reminds me of Yasmin the Bratz doll. I think she is actually the same size as the doll. And the resemblance is uncanny. Check it out in the upper right hand corner.

Poor Chikezie. He didn't really deserve to go home tonight. I mean, sure, it was inevitable that he was going home in the next couple of weeks, but he could have hung around a bit longer had he picked a better song. When will the contestants learn that they need to appeal to a younger audience? The kids playing with Bratz dolls are the ones voting and downloading the singles on their iPods. They wouldn't know Luther Vandross if they fell over him.

That was Syesha's problem, too (amongst other things). That song was awful and yet she thinks she is a diva and can pull it off. Herein lies the problem: she's the only one buying the diva persona. 

And we learned that Carly was wearing Spanx last night which explains the pork sausage effect. I think she should spend less time trying to camouflage the fat and more time trying to cover up the tattoo, but that's just me. I mean, come on, as if anybody gets past the tattoo and the angry face? Puhlease. 

So next week is Dolly Parton week. Thank goodness Kristy Lee Cooke will be around to sing a little country and do a little two steppin'. Anxious to see what the other Cook will do with a Dolly Parton song? He's thus far managed to work wonders with Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson songs - so I have faith that David Cook will be able to handle Dolly, as well. Islands in the Stream? Working Nine to Five? Coat of Many Colours? Here You Come Again? I Will Always Love You? I wonder which song he'll turn into a rock song? I'm going to iTunes right now and see if I can find any Dolly remakes before David beats me to the punch...

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Anonymous said...

Since it's your blog, you can "pretend" like you are Jason's Mrs. Robinson, but at our home, we all know the "singer with the dreads" is mommy's boyfriend! To insure he isn't going home I voted for him once for each breathing being in our home (that equals 5 family members, 1 live-in soccer player and 1 yellow lab!)

I agree with your observations and I hope to goodness one of your bottom three goes home this evening.