Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally...The Top 12

I think America got it right, for the most part. 

I would have felt better about Asia'h sticking around for a few more weeks and Kristy Lee Cook riding off on the horse she rode in on, but Kristy is hot and America likes hot, so Kristy gets a spot in the Top 12. Not sure how long she'll stay, but for now, her hotness sealed the deal. 

I was pleased as punch to see Danny go home. I really thought he was going to turn into this season's Sanjaya. Good to know that we won't have to put up with Little Miss Attitude's antics. I guess Vote for the Worst is going to have to find a new poster child. 

No surprise that Kady and Luke were sent packing. Ryan mentioned that he didn't think Luke would be going back to cleaning carpets. Um, Ryan? Pray tell - what else did you have in mind for Luke? He should consider himself darn lucky if Stanley Steamer takes him back. 

The only other person I would have liked to have seen voted off tonight would be Paula. Really. What is wrong with that woman? I couldn't decide if she looked more like Pinocchio or Peter Pan in that get-up? That ridiculous lid placed on top of that phenomenally beat head of hers was just a little bit more than I could handle tonight. I wanted somebody to strap her in her seat. 

She's got a nice gig, that Paula. She gets high as a kite a few nights a week, gets paid millions of dollars to talk nonsense with the Idol contestants and as if that weren't enough - somehow manages to be the #1 download on iTunes this week?! Is there no justice in this world? She is one lucky S.O.B. (I still want to know which of her meds puts her over the edge every week...)

I was quite happy that there was no Group Sing this evening. Good to see that Blake is still beat boxing is way into our hearts. But most of all - I'm glad we're finally down to 12. Let the fun begin...

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zsa zsa said...

Does Paula live in a hollow tree?