Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ladies Night

Tonight was the ladies turn to embarrass themselves. 

I thought the show was far more boring than embarrassing. The ladies just aren't doing it for me this season; it was a regular snooze-fest. 

Asia'h apparently hasn't watched all 6 seasons of Idol like I have. Because if she had, she would know that Whitney Houston songs are strictly off limits. And if you foolishly choose to sing a Whitney song, you must be prepared for a) Randy to tell you how he produced that song and b) all the judges to tell you that you didn't hit the high notes like Whitney did. They are like a broken record (no pun intended). So I'm not going to comment on her song, but I will say that her outfit was horrendous. It was ill-fitting and unflattering. That said, I hope America gives her a spot in the Top 12 because she is one of the few women I can actually stomach.

I don't think Kady Malloy did enough to secure a spot for herself in the Top 12. Simon put it best: her "massive lack of personality" is sure to bring her down. 

Amanda will most likely be around again next week and a few thereafter. But not if I had my druthers. I'm just not all over this biker chick. I don't like her singing style, her dress style or her hairstyle. I don't like the way she talks out of the side of her mouth. And what, pray tell, is up with her inability to smile when the judges compliment her? She seems bothered by it all. And she leaves me feeling the same way. 

Carly can definitely sing. (Hence her previous record contract.) I had never heard of her before Idol, nor have I heard any of her songs - but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it was her choice of songs and not her voice that lead to her record contract going south. I'd like to place a little of the blame on that massive tattoo, but I think she added that post-record contract, so that won't fly. She's a good singer and she'll be in the Top 12, but if she wants to be in the finals, she's going to have to pick a good song or two. (note to self: no Whitney Houston songs). 

Last week Simon told Kristy Lee Cook that she would make a good country singer. So this week she twangs her way through a Journey song. How's that for original? I mean, she did a fine job, but what ever happened to being true to yourself? Who is Kristy? If you listened to her most embarrassing moment, she is a dog. She's a little bit country and she's a little bit horse lady. Hmm. I don't know that I totally agree with Simon when he says she's unforgettable, I just don't especially like her. In fact, I could take or leave her. I think America will keep her around for another week or two. 

Ramiele might not be so lucky. She certainly isn't the worst singer, but she lacks that star quality. Maybe because short people have no reason to live? That's what the other Randy would say. I think she and Kady Malloy (who, for the record, is not a short person) are going to be in the bottom two tomorrow night. 

My favorite of the night was definitely Brooke. I loved her Pat Benatar cover. She made it her own. I think the Beauty School Drop Out might just be a force to be reckoned with. 

Tune in tomorrow: same bat time, same bat place....


TRO said...

I'm new to blogging, but I've enjoyed LR's idol comments so I'm ready to enter a new phase in life. First of all, I'm Char-Char's mom (from the day LR's son got in trouble at school.) Oh, the talent Char-Char(CC) has at getting other people in trouble! It was CC's idea to hang upside down on the monkey bars and swing violently around while daring other boys in the class to hit or kick him (8 year old boys can be IDIOTS!) Anyway, LR's son basically WON the competition by making contact w/ CC's body. My point is don't punish your son for being agile and powerful AND THE WINNER - it's something to be proud of!

As far as Idol, the girls have an uphill battle to keep up with the boys. We did an Idol draft with neighbors and I'm happy to say that approx. 75% of our picks are guys. Their show was so much more entertaining. And for those of you that don't know yet, I LOVE JASON CASTRO (and I mean LOVE HIM!) I'd be honored and thrilled to hold a chunk of his hair while he enjoyed his dinner sitting across from me, oh yeah, and he can sing, too! TRO

Anonymous said...
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Guiding Light said...

TRO, you're a riot. I'm glad the truth comes out about yet another of my nephew's talents. We are so proud! I hope now my sister will give him his cake. Char-Char sounds like a fun and inventive young lad; I bet he keeps you entertained.

Guiding Light said...
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