Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments? I think not.

After tonight there will be 10 contestants. It couldn't come a moment too soon. I love how Idol chose the Beatles again because it meant not having a "mentor" there sharing the tricks of the trade with the the Idol wannabees. But the Beatle songs did not make for an exciting evening. At all.

Amanda started us off. I know she's good at what she does: singing like a biker chick - but I am just not that into her. For me, it's the same thing week after week. If I close my eyes I am in a bar in Myrtle Beach sticking to the beer drenched floor and wreaking of cigarettes. That is not a happy place for me.

Next up - Kristy Lee Cook looking hotter than ever. She sang "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." And while the Beatles' songs stand the test of time, this was the first time that Kristy Lee heard the song. What the? That alone is grounds for elimination this evening. Seriously, she is so outta here.

David Archuletta sang "Long and Winding Road" and to me it was a carbon copy of his "Imagine" performance. I thought it was very safe, to quote my favorite judges. Remember Melinda Doolitte from last season? Every time the judges would compliment her she'd get that deer in the headlight look about her and act like she was shocked that they liked her? Yeah, well, David's pulling that same crap and it bugs me.

I thought Michael Johns got a bad wrap from the judges last night. Granted, there were a few bad notes, but I don't think the song was a mess. At least he knows who the Beatles are and knows their music. But I am with Simon and the gang...he needs to nail one and he needs to nail one NEXT WEEK. Until then, I still like the Hottie from Hottingham.

Brooke White's version of "Here Comes the Sun" was an abomination. The yellow dress complete with the sun's rays was just a tad bit over the top. But I am still routing for Brooke.

David Cook is one cool dude. I do think he is good, I really do, but man is that guy smug. He doesn't need to work on his music as much as his image. I promised myself I wouldnt' comment on his hair this week - but I've got to - because I think he changed the color! He made it more chocolate brown and less orange -which is lovely and a good first step...but we need to work on the volume.

Carly Smithson sang "Blackbird" and I would have been able to stomach it a lot more if she didn't give her whiny explanation of why she chose the song. Puhlease, little wounded blackbird, spare me. Is it me or does she kind of look like a bird when she sings? Like an owl, really. She scrunches up her face and her eyes go up on the sides and her nose looks like a beak. I thought she sang well, but I challenge her to cover up that tattoo next week and not look so scary when she sings.

I know I'm playing favorites, but I thought Jason's version of "Michelle" was beyond adorable. Beyond. I could eat that guy up with a spoon. I'll give it to Simon that a lot of the Jason attraction is his look - but it's more than that - it's his whole being - the guy is precious. And he can sing, too. And America better keep him around...or else.

But America can have Sayesha. I soooo didn't get the judges last night. I thought her version of "Yesterday" was horrible. I didn't like the arrangement and I didn't like the way she sang it. Sayesha is too big for her britches. Simon told David Cook that he didn't think he was as good as he thinks he is - but I actually think that comment applies more to Sayesha. David is good. Sayesha is not. David is original. Sayesha is not. But Sayesha thinks she's fantastic and was shocked to have been in the bottom three. She's not that fantastic. At all.

And after last night's performance, Chekezie pretty much proved that last week was a fluke; he got lucky. The harmonica bit was ridiculous as was the arrangement.

That's all I've got this week. I'm away from my computer and things don't feel right for me. Much like the contestants, I can't get my groove on. Next week I'll be back better than ever and hopefully the contestants will be, too. So my vote is for Kristy Lee Cook to go home tonight. No, she wasn't the worst last night, but she's got to go sooner or later. The fact that she doesn't know Beatles songs is a good enough reason as any....

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