Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moments

So tonight the contestants shared with us their most embarrassing moments. 

And in keeping with the theme, Paula embarrassed herself from start to finish. She managed to get through an entire show without articulating one cohesive thought. That might be a record.

Luke started us off tonight, and Luke finished himself off tonight. Simple as that. WHAM! He's outta here. 

Enter David Archuletta. I know it's not pc to talk smack about sweet, young David, but I'm going on the record: I am no longer a huge fan. I know, I know. What happened? I'm a fan - just not a huge one. I think he has a great voice. And I think he's sweet and genuine. But there is just something a little off about him. And I can't quite put my finger on it. When he was sharing his most embarrassing moment with us, did he say something about going to Honduras for a fund raiser? What's that all about? What is he raising money for in Honduras? Shouldn't he be in school? Who is hitting him up for fundraising gigs in Central America? I think he takes himself a little too seriously. I totally agree with Simon (so what else is new?): if David sings too many sad songs, it's going to get depressing. But, let David explain...he chose this song because he wanted to bring awareness to homelessness!! Oh. Ok, Angelina. You know what, David? Save it for Idol Gives Back. I don't want to learn lessons from my Idol contestants (especially from the one young enough to be my kid) I want to be entertained. It's a singing competition. David needs to lighten up before I let him back into my good graces. And he'll have plenty of opportunity to do that because he'll be around for awhile. And that's ok, because he deserves to be. 

Unlike Danny Noreiga. Enough already. He described his most embarrassing moment as the time he fell down the stairs at the movies, but he was wrong...tonight was his most embarrassing moment. And I do not want to see any more of his moments, thank you very much. Unfortunately, I don't think America is ready to be done with him just yet...

David Hernandez opted to go with a Celine Dion song, but that apparently wasn't his most embarrassing moment. Hmm. A photo shoot that revealed a pea size booger was what made David blush the most. Apparently that Up Close and Personal was filmed before the stories about him being a stripper at a gay nightclub surfaced on the internet? (not that there is anything wrong with that). I like David. I think he's a good singer and a good performer. Even if he has a sordid past. 

I think Michael Johns is still my favorite. He sang "Don't You Forget about Me" and believe me, I won't. Neither will America. He's cool, he can sing, he's real. I can't wait to see him on the big stage. 

David Cook made Lionel Richie proud tonight. It was a great version of "Hello". He sang it well, but, man, I hate that I feel this way, but....but I just don't like looking at David Cook. That balding head of his brings me down. I know it shouldn't be about the appearance, least of all the hair, but it is for me, dawg. 

So maybe that's why I love Jason so much? Lord knows he's not hurting in the hair department. There's something so fresh and real about Jason. LOVED his most embarrassing moment when his dreadlock came off in his hand. That's hysterical! I hate to sound like Randy and Simon (well, really just Randy - I don't mind sounding like Simon at all) but I LOVE that song, too. And I thought he sang it phenomenally. Hallelujah! He is the real deal. Not preachy. Not picking a song to highlight homelessness. Not doing fundraisers in Honduras. Or doing photo shoots that reveal pea size boogers. Nope, not for Jason. He's just singing and smiling and growing him some dreadlocks. 

Chikezie wasn't the worst singer tonight, but he sang the worst song. And for that...he will be going home. I would throw Danny Noreiga under the bus for him in a heartbeat - but I think that there are just enough assclowns out there to support Danny the Freak for a few more weeks a la Sanjaya. I hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell....

It was nice getting back on the blog tonight! I seemed to have fallen off the blog thing for awhile. But I'm back. And so will the ladies....tomorrow night!


zsa zsa said...

Danny Noreiga is Danielle Noreiga. That dude is a chick. Female all the way! He/She is singing on the wrong night.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I’m on DVR delay, so excuse the late comments: I think you need to cut David Cook some slack. He’s no Brad Pitt (or Hottie from Hottingham), but he’s no ogre either. The guy is a rocker. Let his squinty eyes and f’ed up hair slide a bit. He’s dialed up the degree of difficulty playing an instrument (quite well, I might add). And, he did the impossible making a Lionel Richie song cool enough to be on the radio. Give the stylists a chance to work their crazy magic. They had less to work with with Clay Aiken, and he went from geek to kinda somewhat chic. The gay stripper is much harder to look at than David. (Ok, I shouldn’t have said much harder in the same sentence as gay stripper, but you get my drift.)
-Uncle Ryan