Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Top 10

Tonight's theme is "The Year You Were Born". 

Ramiele Malubay was born in Saudia Arabia on September 6, 1987 and died on the Idol stage on March 25, 2008. She had me going with Hart's "Alone" until she started screaming link a banshee. And then she completely lost me. 

Jason Castro was also born in 1987. He sang Sting's "Fragile", but I enjoyed his Up Close and Personal pre-taped bit more than I enjoyed the song performance. The kid is precious. And I do mean kid. I think that's why Simon is under the impression that Jason is not taking this thing seriously; because he acts like a flaky (albeit drug impaired) teenager. Ryan Seacrest asked him if he was in it to win it and Jason said yes. But I can't help but think that this is more like Jason's Excellent Adventure, dude. I'm still routing for him and still want to eat him up with a spoon. But while Jason has the mojo to be an Idol, I'm not quite sure he has the talent. 

Syesha Mercado was another 1987 baby. I'm not sure of the name of the song she sang? I just know that she was quite pleased with her performance. I'll give it to you that she sang well, but unlike Randy and Paula, I'm not convinced that she is a contender to win the competition. She'll be around for awhile, but unless she gets her hands on a big dose of personality, she won't be around for the finals. 

I have no idea what year Chikezie was born, but given that song he sang tonight, I would guess somewhere around 1946. There is no denying that the boy, or shall I say, the man, can sing. But he cannot pick a song to save his life. I'm afraid tonight's performance of Luther Vandross' "If Only For One Night" may be his last night. He has no mass appeal. Whatsoever. 

Brooke White sang "Every Breath You Take" with plenty of mass appeal. I think everybody in America thinks that Brooke could be their friend. She is so real and unassuming. She's got a great voice and is easy on the eyes. What more could you want in an Idol?

Enter Michael Johns. He's everything I want in an Idol. And finally, he found his big song and tonight was his big night. Michael John's is an easy sell: he's got the voice, the look and while he's hot enough for the ladies, he's cool enough for the guys. I'm sorry, but that face he used to make at his sister during their childhood competitions? Brilliant! 

Carly Smithson is in jeopardy of going back to the tattoo parlor. She sang Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and seemed scared out of her ever-loving mind. That angry face that she gets when she sings does not help matters. And as long as I'm being brutally honest, she was packed into that dress like a pork sausage. But even if my eyes were closed, I could tell that something wasn't working for Carly tonight. 

David Archuletta, born in 1990, is the youngest of the crowd. I have no idea what song he sang tonight, but I know that it would make a great Up With People number. A very strange song, sung by a very strange boy. I realize he's young, but it's not his lack of experience that's the problem; in fact, I almost think he's too polished in a weird sort of way. He doesn't act like an 18 year old. There is something very creepy about this one. He reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. A stretch maybe, but there's something about the way he grunts when the judges give him feedback.

Kristy Lee Cook won kudos from the judges after singing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA". I'm not sure why they thought it was such a great song choice? I thought it was Corn Ball City. My only thought is that she chose it because she knew she was probably going home and would have a few months to kill before the Idol Tour kicked off, so by showcasing her patriotic side, perhaps she could get a gig singing to the troops in Iraq? That's my best guess. 

And they saved the best for last tonight. David Cook was born in 1982 when Michael Jackson was all the rage. David's version of "Billy Jean" was amazing. I'll admit when it started off I thought, "Oh, God, no..." but it didn't take me long before I changed my tune. David gets an A+ for originality. This guy is a musician who can do far more than just sing. And I'm going to give him an A+ for keeping his ego in check tonight as well. Now I'm wondering if Idol is really the best thing for him? Maybe he'll follow in Chris Daughtry's footsteps and make a bigger name for himself without the Idol stamp of approval. 

Only time will tell...

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She's from Saudi Arabia? Is someone checking her papers...she could be a one-woman sleeper cell.