Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Battle of the Davids

So it comes down to the Davids. 

I have no doubt that Syesha will land on her feet. She can sing, she can dance and she's got the look. It won't be long before she's gracing magazine covers, endorsing products, appearing on TV shows, starring in movies and singing her way down Broadway. She'll be fine. I only hope her father can stay clean. (It was good to hear him plug his former addiction to drugs and alcohol one last time, huh?). 

Ok, now is it me or has Fantasia morphed into Dennis Rodman? I think Dennis may have even sported that hair color once or twice. Wow. She is one scary dude. Simon's expression said it all. Fantasia definitely puts it out there. I'm just not sure I want it, thank you very much. 

I found the show thoroughly entertaining; the sap in me is all over those cheesy hometown visits. Of course, I found myself especially moved by David Cook's Up Close and Personal. How could I ever have pegged him aloof and full of himself? Shame on me. He is modest, humble, unassuming, sweet and genuine. And those are just the first five adjectives that come to mind. I could also rattle off talented, adorable, gracious, and original. I love that he didn't even plan on auditioning for Idol, and yet, here he is in the finale! A perfect ending would be for him to win it all. In a season where several of the contestants already had record contracts (and Star Search victories), how cool would it be for a guy like David Cook to win the prize?

Archuleta, on the other hand, has played semi-professional his whole life. Winning it wouldn't be a stretch for him. Not to mention it would make that freaky-ass father of his very happy and, really, he doesn't deserve to ride his son's coattails. 

I'm looking forward to the finale and taking a much needed break from Idol. Paula, her breasts and her profound inspirations have become too much for me to bear. I haven't heard any buzz about the finale, but surely Fox will not disappoint....


Anonymous said...

I'm such a big Fantasia fan, but last night was horrific. What was that screaming song? Was she on crack? The hair. And that outfit? Where is her stylist?

Anonymous said...

So, its my first time reading your blog...courtesy of Theoden at the Observer...and I love it! The Fantasia comment...hilarious! I Tivo the show and had to rewind to see Simon's expression again because it truly said what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

This was on

On last night's splendiferous, Sayesha-ejecting American Idol results show—like nasty walnut chunks in maple ice cream, she was utterly ruining our pure, David-savoring experience—third season Idol winner Fantasia Barrino stopped by the Karoakedome to perform. And yet "perform" seems not quite the sufficient term in this instance—rather, she seemed literally belched from some fiery, subterranean afterworld miles beneath CBS Television City, accompanied by a chorus of winged backup-demons. The audience—many of whom were still enjoying the pleasant, torpor-inducing effects of David Archuleta singing about "fishes in the ocean"—reacted as though they had just been smacked against the side of the head with a hooker's club foot.

Anarchy soon broke out in the relative peace-loving community of the arm-swaying pit, as all attempts at enacting their primary, limb-waving duties were rendered instantly futile by the tuneless, arrhythmic morass. It wasn't long before severed limbs were spotted flying into the bleachers; the sight of several freshly gimped Pepperdine sorority girls running screaming for the exits was the last home viewers glimpsed of the carnage before stage manager Debbie frantically waved towards the control booth to cut to commercial