Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the Final 4

It's rock and roll night. So it seems fitting that David, the rocker, should start us off. 

Actually, Jason starts us off with yet another one of his gi-normous yawns. Did you catch that? The four Idols are standing on the big stage with the lights and the cameras and the fans and the screams and the 35 million TV viewers and Jason proceeds to let out a yawn as if to say "Dude, I am so freaking bored." Seriously, what is up with that?

Ok, so back to David Cook and his version of "Hungry Like a Wolf". Just for the record, I am 100% behind this David. He is the man and I think he should take home the prize. But this song was just awright for me. He didn't seem to be that into it. Duran Duran? Really? Hmm.  

Then a very sexy Syesha Mercado saunters on stage to perform a karaoke version of "Proud Mary". And while Syesha has the big dance moves, she does not have the big voice. I think she sounds squeaky and high pitched. And now that Brooke is gone, Syesha thinks that she can take over the role of chatty contestant who doesn't know when to shut the fff....front door! If she says, "It's ok, it's ok, it's ok" one more time while Simon is critiquing her performance, I am going to jump through the TV and strangle her. (Yes, I can do that. I have a special TV.) Even while Ryan is wrapping things up and giving out her phone numbers I can still hear her saying, "I was just trying to have fun." in the background. ENOUGH already.

Jason, Jason, Jason. Ouch. "I Shot the Sheriff"? No, sweetheart, you actually shot yourself. In the foot. Are the Counting Crows in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Cause I would much rather hear Jason sing "Mr. Jones". I'll take Adam Durtiz's dreads over Bob Marley's any day of the week. 

Must I comment on David Archuleta? Radio Disney sings "Stand by Me" because he thinks it is a fun song to sing. What the? Fun? Paula compliments him on taking Lord Webber's advice to keep his eyes open and connect with the audience. Are we watching the same performance? Because I clearly see his eyes at half mast and his arm raised high and swinging back and forth. It's his signature stance. In fact, it's his only stance. Now I'm the one letting out one of those gi-normous yawns. And as per usual, David is completely SHOCKED that the judges like him. 

Round two....

David Cook redeems himself with "Baba O'Riley". I think this is THE BEST song of the evening. He makes Daltry and Townshend proud. And he makes me proud. I would love to see Radio Disney try to tackle a song like this. As if. 

And because Syesha opts to take on the role of Brooke, she ends her performance by having a nervous breakdown for all the world to see. Which is hardly uncomfortable to watch. She proclaims that she is singing "A Change is Gonna Come" because it has a lot of meaning. The Idols cannot seem to grasp the fact that songs with  a lot of meaning are meaningless unless they sound good. Period. If you have to explain to your audience that it is a song about the Civil Rights Movement which also has meaning in your life, well then, it's probably not the song to sing. Why is this concept so very difficult? So she starts bawling like a complete idiot and tries to blame her boo-hoos on the meaning of the song, when in fact we all know that it's because...Randy hurt her feelings. 

And then Jason seals the deal by singing (and forgetting) "Mr. Tamborine Man". Looks like he'll be heading back to campus in time for the weekend parties. Dude, I hope they are throwing you a killer welcome home party complete with all the party favors. Poor Carly Smithson; it had to kill her to sit in the audience tonight watching Jason throw away his chance at the big time. I'm sure she would have given her right arm (tattoo and all) to be up on that stage rockin' out tonight. 

Did Radio Disney really say that he is excited to sing a romantic love song because he hasn't done that yet? I'm sorry, I was under the impression that all the songs that he sings are romantic ballads. Hmm. I'm sure "Love Me Tender" sounds fantastic, but I cannot listen to another second of his schtick. Once again I find myself yawning one of those gi-normous yawns. 

And so tomorrow night, much to my dismay, but rightly so...Jason Castro leaves us. And then I start pulling for Syesha Mercado. I pray she can hold it together. 


Anonymous said...

Jason Jason Jason
What to do with him?
Looks like Jason go bye bye

Anonymous said...

I think Laurie finally gets to put Jason in her pocket and walk off with him.

Anonymous said...

I think Syeesha sang the second song well, but yes she needs to just nod her head and stay quiet.