Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank God it's Almost Over

Last week I hated Randy, this week I hate Simon. 

I only hope that Simon's desire to award the Idol title to Archuleta before the votes were even cast will backfire on the younger David by inspiring Cook fans to vote, vote, vote.

But the question is, will the Cook fans keep texting their votes for the next four hours? Hmm. Doubtful. They've got better things to do with their time, unlike Archuleta's fans who have nothing but time....

I found the show practically unbearable to watch. Granted, it was the first time all season that I watched it live and therefore could not fast forward through Lord Webber's insights or Clive Davis' words of wisdom. 

There was nary a surprise all night. And I'm so freaking bored, that I really don't have it in me to do a synopsis. Suffice it to say, Randy commended David Cook on the song choice even though the song was chosen by Clive Davis. He also mentioned that David Archuleta could sing the phone book, which for the umpteen millionth time was neither clever nor original. And, even after Lord Webber implored him to keep his eyes open, Archuleta lowered them to half mast to prove to us that he was feeling the music. And...drum roll please...the biggest non-surprise of the evening was Archuleta singing "Imagine." Imagine that. 

It was the song that first made me realize Radio Disney was a one trick pony. After Googling "David Archuleta Imagine" the first time he sang it (or what I thought was the first time he sang it), I found clip after clip of Archuleta singing the song in countless talent competitions and performances over the last 5 years. The boy doesn't have a hint of originality in his whole body. And even more unsurprising than him singing "Imagine" was that he couldn't put a sentence together when Ryan asked him a question. Honestly, after the first five minutes, Ryan wasn't even trying to engage him in conversation; he learned that asking Archuleta to respond would only result in meaningless grunts and growns. Radio Disney can sing into a microphone, but just don't expect him to speak into a microphone.

But to Simon's defense, it was not David Cook's best night. He should have sang "Billy Jean" or "Hello" to win over those fans who were still on the fence. (Do they exist?). But I admire him even more for yet again being creative and original and going out on a limb to tackle a new song rather than rest on his laurels. I liked Randy's line about Cook singing his face off tonight. It may not have felt like a winning moment for David Cook, but he's the winner in my book. He has grown in leaps and bounds. In a season that was otherwise boring and forgettable, David Cook transformed before our eyes from a comb-over hair don't to a hot rocker dude. He proved he could take a song and make it contemporary and make it his own. And he seems like one helluva nice guy. 

But my money is on Archuleta to win the prize tomorrow night. And that's fine. David Cook will do well for himself and this way Archuleta will be spared the wrath of his father. 

Wish I could say I am looking forward to the finale, but that would be a lie. I'm looking forward to something new to rant about. So, You Think You Can Dance?


Anonymous said...

So I'm wondering why, if Archie has so much talent, why couldn't he get (and keep) a recording contract after winning Star Search five years ago?

I'm also wondering if Cookie didn't know what he was doing in his two song choices tonight - knowing that Archie would fall into the Hicks/Sparks winner model... big flash. Boom.

Cookies got a lot of potential without having to wear the AI ball and chain around his neck. Me thinks that he knew exactly what his choices were and what the reaction might be.

Conspiracy theory?

Anonymous said...

Archie can sing, but that's the extent of his talent. He can't dance, he can't speak, he can't arrange, he can't mix it up. He can sing. That's it.

But I'm not buying your conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

I miss my DVR. My parents don't have one and it is killing me. So, instead of watching Idol I was stuffing myself with good Mexican food. I got home in time just to watch the highlights of each song. I want DC to win but it looks like Archie the mute will win.

I miss Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

God help us if that old man in a young, nerdy, kind of pudgy, man's body wins.

DC ROCKS the house, dawg.

Anonymous said...

Cowell was flat out wrong last night. The first two "rounds" (wow, they really played out that boxing theme, huh) went to Cook and the last "round" went to Arch. There were times during Arch's first two songs that I actually felt bad for him because I thought he sucked that badly. Sitting on the stairs? Lame. Wearing that jacket with an anchor on it? Lame-o. Choosing to sing a song he first sang in the womb? Lame, lame, lame.

I have a feeling that even without the judge's not-so-gentle nudges that Arch will win, but I'm not happy about it. Cook's been the most original singer they've ever had. But hopefully, like Daughtry, he'll flourish without being tied down to Idol's contracts.

-Uncle Ryan

Anonymous said...

I think David C. might have thrown the match last night too. He's too cool for AI and will have a great career, especially if he has artistic freedom. The fans are all in place for him. I'll buy his album.

Anonymous said...

I love David Cook and truly cannot stand Archie, but I think Archuletta did better last night on the last two songs. The first one definitely went to Cook.

On another note, at the beginning of the show, they said "who will be worthy of the title" and then they showed past idol WINNERS, but included Chris Daughtry!!?? What the? Although he should have, Daughtry never got the title!

AND another note: Did anyone else notice that Seacrest was wearing a TAD bit of eye liner last night?? BAD.

Anonymous said...

I vote you start blogging about "So you think you can dance?"!! Great show...

Anonymous said...

Actually if you just listen to DA and don't look at him (too painful to watch) he was better than Cook last night. I understand how you wouldn't want to look at his eyes which are just creepy, but he has a terrific voice.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think DA always looks like he was photographed in infrared photography.