Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They Crowned the Right David!

I LOVE being wrong!

That was the best ending of any Idol season I've ever watched - and I've watched 'em all, folks. But for the love of Pete, I don't know why they wait until 9:59 to announce the winner. I wanted a minute or two to bask in the glory of David's win, but instead the credits started rolling and I was left alone and wanting more. What the? I could have done without Mike Myers' shameless plug for that ridiculous movie of his, thank you very much. That's 5 minutes I'll never get back. 

But how about that David Cook!? Is he the most deserving Idol ever? Oh, I think so. Humble and modest and sharing the spotlight with David Archuleta and the other Idol wannabees. The best man definitely won. So now I'm thinking Simon was behind Cook the whole time and last night was just his way of rocking the vote. He motivated the Cook fans to keep on texting. I hate to see some of those phone bills this month. But it was worth it, as America finally got it right! 

I read that next season they are going back to the 1/2 hour results show on Wednesday nights as the hour format proved to be too long this season. Oh, ya think? As long as they are revamping, they need to rethink the finale, too. It only has to be an hour and the last 15 minutes should be dedicated to the winner, not the last 7 seconds. 

Since I'm on a high, let's start with the highlights of the night:
  • I liked the opening David duet: I actually thought Radio Disney seemed very natural and did a good job. Who knew? (Sure, I can say that now, but you do realize that I would not be admitting that had he won, right?)
  • Loved Jason's encore performance of Allelujah. 
  • I think Carly and Michael Johns make a great pair, but I wasn't all over their song choice. But they could sing the phone book and I'd be happy. Kidding. I propose that if Randy uses that expression next season, he should be fined. $250,000 every time he says it. And we donate the money to a charity, thereby eliminating the need for Idol Gives Back.
  • Jimmy Kimmel's "Rosemary and Satan Cowell" reference was funny. Love me some Jimmy.
  • LOVED David Cook's Guitar Hero commercial! (for those of you who fast forwarded through the commercials - it's worth going back to check it out.) And yes, I'm buying Guitar Hero tomorrow. Unless I see the Archuleta version of said commercial. At which time I will promptly return Guitar Hero. 
  • Brooke and Graham Nash singing "Teach Your Children" was simply...adorable.
Ok, now some of the lowlights:
  • Donna Summer. She has no business trying to make a come-back. Dim all the lights, sweet darling. End of story.
  • Does Bryan Adams have AIDS? I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious.
  • Jonas Brothers. What the? I think David Archuleta needs to join their band. Or at least tour with them. 
  • Pat from the audience? Necessary? I think not. 
  • The Parade 'o Freaks. Why must the producers waste our time honoring the freaks who made the auditions unbearable? For the life of me, I don't get it.
  • Gladys Knight, Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr? So not funny. That time could have been allotted to David Cook, for crying out loud.
  • Carrie Underwood's get up? What are we calling that veil/scarf thing that flowed from her sleeves? Ah, but she could wear the phone book and still look beautiful. (Randy cannot say it, but I can.)
  • George Michael. Just because I wanted him to shut the front door so that Ryan would announce the winner. Paula was quite taken by him though, huh? He moved her. 
I am happy to report that the Reid family already has tickets to see the Idols when they come to Charlotte in August. I am going to offer my guest room to David Cook while he is in town. And, I'm pretty sure he'll take me up on my kind offer. Stay tuned.

And so, that is it, my friends. Thank you for all your comments this season. My in-box is filling up with congratulatory messages as I type. I promise to keep on blogging as I can rant and rave on many topics. But, for those of you who only have eyes for Idol...I'll see you next season. 



Anonymous said...

so sad to think your blogging is done for another season, i'll miss the heck out of your comment.

and btw, you are so right about david cook, what a great, sincere guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I'll miss you. Wait... I'm still pretending I'm related to you so you're stuck with me. Damn, I love America right now.

Anonymous said...

Did you miss the David Archuletta guitar hero commercial? I missed the David Cook one (must have been fast forwarding), but saw Archuletta doing the Risky Business thing... was that what Cook was doing too?

L. said...

I did see the Archuleta commercial for Guitar Hero (hence the reference in my blog), but like his stage presence and his singing, it paled in comparison to Cook's. I think Guitar Hero will only run the Cook version from this point forward....

Anonymous said...

I actually stood up and screamed with joy when he proclaimed David Cook the winner. Great, great ending. And imagined you doing the happy dance too. Did you? Just want a visual...


Mike's Universal said...

Congrats on a great first year! Looking forward to new posts, AI or otherwise. Keep bloggin'!

L. said...

I wasn't doing the happy dance, but I think I shouted for joy and I definitely got verklempt. I need to watch the ending again, from Simon's apology to the end. And by the way, I think we need to get Simon to declarie McCain the winner and see if he can rock the hell out of that vote, too!

Anonymous said...

I definitely did a happy dance and got verklempt. I think Simon planned the whole thing but God bless him for it. I was so afraid Carrie Underwood was going to trip on that thing behind her. I have always LOVED that George Michael song but he is finally looking like what I always expected: a cook in a Greek diner on Route 17 in NJ. Peek up Maudy!!! Go David Cook!

Anonymous said...

You did not mention ZZTop or Carrie Underwood's skirt (or lack there of).

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else think George Michael's song lasted 12 minutes? Holy schnikes. That was hell.

Mike Myers was hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel was even funnier than Mike.

Go Cook! America got it right.

-Uncle Ryan

Guiding Light said...

I missed the finale somehow. Please keep it TiVo'd and I'll watch it with you when I'm down there. Then I can learn at the feet of the master. What's your next topic??