Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dare I go there...

Ok, so many of you have been asking me to blog a bit about the election. And politics. A part of me thinks politics and religion should be off limits. And then another part of me thinks, it's my blog... 

So, what do I think of Sarah Palin? I think she is a terrific speaker and did a fine job at the convention last night. But I am not a fan. Of her views. Once people start questioning evolution and whether we should teach it in the schools, they lose me. Completely. Forever. And there's no turning back. 

As for those Democrats who are playing the Feminist Card...I'm so over that. So very, very over that. It's ridiculous. Yes, a black man can be president and so can a woman with children. End of story. Do I think it's harder for a woman? For most woman, yes, I'd have to say I do think it's harder. But not for all women. I have several friends who have unbelievably demanding careers (granted, they are not next in line for the Leader of the Free World, but that's neither here nor there) and from what I can gather, they manage to pull off their career and their family duties with a fair amount of juggling and a lot of outsourcing and/or a very supportive spouse. But for most women? Yes, I think it's harder and more of a struggle in our society. But if Sarah Palin is up for the challenge - I say have at it, sista.

Keep in mind Nancy Pelosi is the mother of five. Granted, her children are older, but regardless, she's a mother of five who seems to be managing just fine. 

I'm not going to lie to you, though....I did feel like I was watching a made for TV movie starring Sandra Bullock last night. The whole thing is, well, just a bit odd. And takes some getting used to, I guess. I especially enjoyed the part when Ms. Palin introduced her family and never mention Levi What's-his-name, her future son-in-law and father of her grandchild. Everybody got a shout out, including her parents, but not the future shotgun son-in-law. For me, it was terribly awkward having him sit there next to her daughter. I guess it was showing us how committed they are to each other and to the baby? (man, they haven't a clue) And he joined the Palin family on stage at the end of the speech, as well, chewing a piece of gum like nobody's business. And quite frankly, I couldn't get past it. I kept trying to get a message to him telepathically: lose the gum or at least stop chewing like a cow (and for the love of god, wear a condom....)

Ms. Palin's youngest it Willow? Or Tree? Or Wind? Something like that, but regardless, her youngest daughter is simply precious and while holding her infant brother (who was fast asleep during his mother's speech of a lifetime) was licking her fingers and wetting down his hair. So adorable. She seemed quite at home in the limelight. Which is good, because if the Republicans get elected, the Palins are going to lead the evening news every night of the week, not to mention grace the cover of countless magazines. My heart goes out to 17 year old Bristol; I don't think she has any idea the kind of media circus she is going to create. 

Despite what Sarah Palin said last night, her family is not a lot like mine. Their family story is the kind of stuff that the writers at Lifetime dream up. You don't hear of many blogger moms skyrocketing to the position of candidate for VP of the USA. But come to think of it, I believe I'm nearly as qualified....

Bottom line? I like John McCain a lot better without Sarah Palin. But unfortunately, they are a package deal. 

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