Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors

So, I'm having dinner with my 8 year old son this evening and he says, "Mom, some kid in my class told me that if Obama gets elected, he'll teach 5 year olds how to smoke." 

Ok, firstly, why don't these rotten kids refer to Obama as MISTER Obama? And secondly, what the fudge? Granted, my son goes to school with a rather conservative lot, but how do these ridiculous rumors get started? I felt like saying, "Oh, really? Well you tell that little assclown in your class that at least the 5 years olds will be able to read whatever books they want and will learn how man evolved from apes AND they'll learn how to keep from getting pregnant in high school if MISTER Obama is elected." But I thought that might open a rather large can of worms at the dinner table, so I simply said, "Really? Hmm, that sounds a bit absurd to me, but I'm curious, how will Mr. Obama go about teaching 5 year olds how to smoke?" My son didn't know, but promised to ask his assclown of a classmate tomorrow. Stay tuned.

I know there are only a few more weeks until the election, but I'm not so sure how much more I can stomach. I actually had an acquaintance say to me, "How can you not like Sarah Palin? She's a mother with the same concerns as you and I - she's one of us - she's just like us!" Um, for the record, she is nothing like me. Nor do we have the same concerns. But let's pretend for a second that she is and we do....riddle me this...why the heck would I want somebody JUST LIKE ME to be president?

Seriously, I want somebody with far better credentials than I to be the Leader of the Free World. (Yes, I know she is not running for president, but she's a heartbeat away....) I want my president to be smart. Rrrreally smart. Waaaay smarter than me. And from what I can gather, I think I could go head to head with Ms. Palin on many topics, and I fear I might come out on top. And, mind you, I do not take comfort in that fact. 

But you know what? I don't really want anybody to be just like me; not my postman, not my school principal, not my personal trainer (ok, I don't actually have a personal trainer, but I'd like one, and if I ever have one - I can assure you that he/she will look and act NOTHING like me) not my neighbor, and above all...not my president. 

So, no, I'm not buying into that narcissistic approach to choosing a candidate. Just as I hope my son isn't buying into that crap about Obama teaching 5 year olds how to smoke. 


Anonymous said...

I generally enjoy your blog posts and based on what you write, I can infer what you might be like. But I don't and couldn't pretend to know you. I do not know Ms. Palin either, nor do you.

It is obvious that you have not chosen to read anything other than the liberal emails and innuendo that circle around about the Republican VP nominee (maybe US Magazine?), and haven't read and researched some of the things that sound ridiculous. The business about her desire to teach creationism as opposed to evolution is totally bogus to name one of many - get your facts straight before you state them like they are facts. And do you really think that she condones teenage pregnancy? Do you think you could keep this 8 year old son you write about from getting someone pregnant when he is 17, despite what you say? Much of those liberal arguments are meant to scare and excite those who will not research the subject or listen to commentary from the other side.

Your prior post makes it clear that you should stick to the American Idol type commentary. You are good at it, and you can focus on superficial things (like if gum smacking). Try to review a political speech based on merit and issues, not whether her daughter's boyfriend should be introduced as a family member. Please.

You don't want someone just like you to be president? As an update, she is not running for president. I cannot say I know you or Ms. Palin, but I would bet every penny I have that she is, in fact not just like you, so fear not.

Guiding Light said...

I think, dear anonymous, that you need to get YOUR facts straight before telling my favorite blogger to stick to American Idol. Sarah Palin's views on creationism, banning books, banning women's choice to have a safe & legal abortion, abstinence-only sex education etc. are on the record and are reasons to be very frightened that she'd be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Laurie is right on to ask why so many intelligent women seem to be so taken by the fact that she's "one of us". Personally, I think it's part of the Republicans' disdain for Americans' intelligence and their attempt to fool Americans into believing that anyone as intelligent and well-spoken as Obama is an out of touch elite. Laurie, keep bringing it on! I like this stuff better than your Idol rants!

LHH said...

I don't want to know Sarah Palin. I know enough already. Nor would I ever want to be compared to her. I'd be flattered to be compared to Laurie! Keep it up. I know you are well read on the issues: Wall Street Journal and US magazine!