Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day Three and Counting

Still no job. 

Kidding! I am kidding. Really. And truly. Kidding. (kind of). 

But I'm happy to report that we are still laughing. And I'm not kidding about that. Which is good, because I have a pit in my stomach the size of the Grand Canyon and nothing seems to fill it. Not the cookies or the candy that I've been inhaling, not the wine or the gin we've been consuming...but the laughs do seem to help a bit. Even if they are at our own expense. Ok, mostly his expense. 

But I'm still trying to be very supportive. Yesterday I told my husband that I'm prepared to move anywhere for the right job. A few hours later he mentioned something about Akron, Ohio and I barely lifted my head to respond, "Umm, yeah, no can do, my friend...way too cold in Akron." But you know, it's easy to rule things out on day 3. When Duke Power cuts off our power, I may be singing a different tune. (Perhaps one by Chrissie Hynde about Going back to Ohio...) And, whoa, wait a cotton pickin' minute...did I just type "cuts off" our power? Because that is sooo very southern; nobody in Ohio "cuts off" the power. Yet another reason to stay put.

Confession #1: it's rather odd not having the house to myself during the day. 
(Yes, of course it's all about me. Duh?). 

Now, granted, my sweet husband has spent the vast majority of his time upstairs in the office updating his resume. And it's not as if I begrudge him coming out of the office for an occasional bite to eat or anything, but I'm just saying it's been a long time since I've passed anybody in these halls during the week. And, well, quite frankly it's going to take a little getting used to. I'm used to being alone. 

This morning I had some errands to run and as I walked out of the house, I hit the key pad to alarm the house. Of course I knew he was upstairs, I had just kissed him goodbye, but out of habit, I punched in the code before locking the door behind me. Luckily, I realized what I had done before I got outside or he might have had heart failure as soon as he moved and set off the alarm. Again, I will point out - I've got his back. Very supportive. 

But on the other hand, it's going to be awfully nice having him around for the holidays. Maybe we'll bake cookies together and go for long walks. Maybe we'll wrap Christmas presents together. Maybe we'll go to the movies one afternoon. And when I get in a pinch, it will be great to have him run the occasional carpool. And, well, help the kids with their math homework. And I'd love for him to take the car in for service next week (he loves cars). Ok, and maybe grill a steak for dinner every now and again. 

Still, I'd give anything for him to have his old life back. He's ever the optimist and believes there are great opportunities out there. I'll take my cue from him and continue to hope for the best. 


Karen said...

There's no way you're ever moving to Akron or anyone else so get that thought right out of your head.

MAC said...

I agree no Akron. I was born there but I don't think one is supposed to live there. Glad you are blogging again!