Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Back to My Roots...

Guess what I just did? I programmed my DVR to start recording Idol. Holy mother of pearl, it starts next week! From this point on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings will be devoted to all things Idol. (that's not entirely true or I wouldn't have just programmed my DVR...) 

But I still have a few weeks before I totally commit. I hate the early Idol episodes and the carnival-like feel of the show. I am not interested in seeing large, black woman dress up as Big Bird. Nor do I enjoy watching contestants, incapable of carrying a tune, have nervous breakdowns when they learn they are not going to Hollywood. Waste. 'O. My. Time. 

I've read that there will be more finalists this season than ever before: 36 in all. Buckle up, folks, we are in for a looong, painful ride. It's going to take some time to whittle away the crazies. I understand that the producers are bringing back the Wild Card show. (Note to crazies: if you feel you have been mistakenly tossed off with the likes of Big Bird, you have a chance to redeem yourself as a wild card. I trust that you will make it your own and not blow it. But for the love of Pete, should you blow it, do me a favor and just get off of the stage. Go peacefully and without much fanfare. Just go.)

And last, but certainly not least, we have a new judge this season (who apparently is a big fan of Chris Daughtry, so that's a good sign). And the producers are hoping that you will tune in to see how she interracts with Simon, Paula and Randy. 

My plan is to continue to blog about the highs and lows of unemployment, the ups and downs of trying to launch a freelance writing career and the ins and outs of American Idol. That should keep me busy as I continue to recuperate from my surgery. (I have a 2 week follow up visit on Wednesday and if my doctor doesn't release me from in-house arrest...I will blog about him, too. And yes, that is a threat.)

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