Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am Not Losing My Mind and Other Random Thoughts

Many readers of this blog never actually visit my blog. Instead, they sign up to receive the posts which are delivered to their inboxes via Feedburner at about 3 o'clock in the morning. So, instead of generating a lot of feedback in the comments section of the blog, I receive many responses in my inbox. The nice thing is, most of the people who comment via e-mail are my friends and usually have positive, encouraging things to say. Often I receive e-mails from friends of friends - which is always nice - and a delight to read. 

But my post on Monday entitled, "My Lips are Sealed" generated more e-mails than I would have ever anticipated. Many readers expressed concern about the state of my mental health and were convinced that I was going off the deep end. Let me assure you - I am a-ok, folks. I promise, I am not hoarding any deep, dark secrets. Ok, there might be just that one skeleton in my closet (no pun intended) involving a guy who landed a job that Jim interviewed for - but other than that - I am not keeping anything really big from you. (Kidding.)

But my favorite email that day was from a friend who wrote, "Americans think that they are entitled to know everything about their celebrities...and you are now a celeb." She added, "First Brangelina, now Jimaurie." I thought it was kind of cute, but I'm sure she sent it because she thought I was having some sort of mental breakdown and needed a boost. Not to worry, faithful readers, I am in good spirits and of sound mind. But thanks for the concern. 

On a different note, I was true to my word and did not watch Idol last night. I DVRed it in case I had a midnight craving, but I decided to go with the cookies, instead. I'm sure that my kids and I will sit down and watch it tonight, but The Office and 30 Rock will be calling my name. 

In closing, I have some random thoughts to share:
  • What, in god's name, did we talk about before the economy went to hell in a hand-basket?
  • Back in the day, were we continually bombarded by news reports about how good things were?
  • And again, back in 2006, were we constantly told the number of new jobs created on a daily basis?
  • The summer before 9/11 went down in the history books as the summer of the shark. There were many, many shark attacks up and down the east coast. Late that September I remember longing for the days of the shark attacks.
  • Now I long for the days when we thought we might be attacked by terrorists. Not really. At all. Because it was Bush telling us that he would keep us safe. And quite frankly, I feel much safer with Obama at the helm of the ship. (that's gonna generate some e-mails).
  • And lastly...I was talking to a friend today (a very young friend) who expressed concern about leaving her toddler for an hour in the YMCA's Childwatch. I assured her that he would be fine and then thought to myself, "For the love of Pete, she needs to lighten the heck up, what could possibly happen to her kid in Childwatch?" Ahhh, the luxury of looking at things in highsight; I'm sure I was a freaky new mother who at one point doubted the capabilities of Childwatch, too. So now after acquiring years of "wisdom" why, pray tell, can't I apply the same perspective when thinking about my pre-teen daughter? Wouldn't it be nice if I could view things from the eyes of an empty nester, rather than from my own 45 year old, naive, eyes? Yes, that would be nice...

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