Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Season 8: The Contrived Season

The Idol judges keep referring to season 8 as The Bizarre Season, but I beg to differ...I think it's The Contrived Season. I'm embarrassed for the judges. Surely they, too, cannot wait until we get to the point where we can put an end to this tomfoolery. 

My favorite quote of the evening belonged to Kara when she offered up this deep and meaningful observation: "The music industry is paved with heartache." Puhlease, Kara, please don't.  

I can't take anymore of these silly shenanigans. I'll meet y'all in Hollywood. Jacksonville was my last pre-season viewing. 

And speaking of Jacksonville, the Super Bowl is only days away. Yes, I realize the game is being played in Tampa, but really....Jacksonville, Tampa...what the heck is the difference? They are both warm and sunny and therefore ok in my book. So who are you cheering for this year? I don't have a problem with the Eagles, but I am not a fan of Eagles' fans, so that rules them out. Oh wait, they aren't playing. Well, I don't like the Steelers, either. And I suppose that I can't root root root for the team that beat the Panthers, so that rules Arizona out. 

So you know who I am cheering for this year? Bruce. I am rooting for Bruce Springsteen. 

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popsavant said...

Perhaps what Kara meant to say is that watching American Idol auditions isn't for the faint of heart.

I thought the crop that went through tonight was weak, Anne Marie aside. And some of the people... yikes.

My reaction to Bruce being picked was along the lines of "What? He hasn't done one yet?" It's about time. Too bad the Jets didn't make it give the Jersey crowd two things to cheer about.

J-ville had it's own Superbowl a few years ago... rather than hotels, they lined the river with cruise ships. As I recall, they went with Paul McCartney for their halftime entertainment.