Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week Two: San Fran and Kentucky

I liked Kara better last week when she wasn't trying so hard. Her fake fights with Simon in San Francisco and Kentucky were a bit contrived. I'm sure she's a great song writer and a wonderful singer, but an actor she is not.

I'm staying true to my word: I cannot and will not comment on the crazies. It's a ridiculous waste of time. I'd much rather see the so-so talent than the man dressed in the ludicrous coat who bore a striking resemblance to the GEICO Caveman. 

I think Ryan told us that they found 12 singers in San Francisco; we saw four of them. Do you think the early exposure benefits those contestants by giving them a head start in making a connection with the voting audience? And if so, do you think the other Hollywood-bound singers are upset because they are not showcased?

I'm going to put on my cynical hat for a minute and question Kai Kalama's mother's illness. A seizure condition? Does this condition have a name? Or is it Kai's way of making a connection with the voting audience? I like his look and feel, but I could do without the questionable sob story. 

Truth be told, I didn't like any of the San Francisco winners. Miss Puerto Rico needs a stylist and a laugh coach. Her days are numbered. Jesus Venezuela, or whatever the heck his name was, won't be around for long, either. And you know what? His kids could care less. They were cute, I'll give you that, but they were just not that into their father. Sorry. 

Should I take the cynical hat off now? (cause I kind of like the way it feels.) I guess the last contestant was Mr. Theater. He reminded me a bit of David Cook, but I was not all over those freckly lips of his. He skeeved me out. But if you recall I wasn't a fan of Mr. Cook's in the beginning, either. So I'll hold my cynical tongue until we see him again in Hollywood. 

The producers revealed 5 winners in Kentucky. The first was pretty, little Joanna who apparently has already had a recording contract. She's got the look, for sure. But I'm not so sure she has the stamina. Brent Keith Smith was #2. He's going to play the role of the hip, white boy this season. He'll be a favorite with the young, female viewers, but he won't go very far. Next up was the dueling piano guy. I forget his name and what he looked like, but Simon was right, he did sound like Elliott Yamin. He has some serious potential, but he needs some spit and polish. Alexis Grace, our stay-at-home mom who isn't married, is #4. She has the makings of a star: nice voice, commercial face (as Simon pointed out), and a hard knock life. Done. 

I guess my favorite was LaNeshe Young. But before I comment on her, let me slip that cynical hat back on, if I may. Did I hear her correctly? Did she say that she decided to stay home with her mother so she could be a good role model for her brother and sisters? (Again, I refuse to rewind my DVR because I know we will hear her story at least 50 more times in Hollywood.) So I might have it completely wrong, but by saying she's "staying home with her mother" can I assume then that she has opted not to go to school or work? And if so, how, pray tell is that being a good role model? I hope I've got it wrong. Still, that girl can sing. And I enjoyed her original ditty. And I look forward to hearing more from her in Hollywood. 

And last, but not least...Ryan. I love him. I think he plays his part perfectly. And with that said...I am outta here...

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