Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Numbers 1,2 and 3

They sang for America and the nation spoke. Well, some of the nation, anyway: 24 million votes, up 10 million from last year at this time. So the 20 or so people who weren't watching were busy posting nasty comments about Idol on my Observer blog. Their loss. 

How could I have forgotten about Group Sing? After 8 seasons you'd think I'd be expecting it, but it threw me for a loop. And I cringed through the whole song. No, that's a lie, I cringed through 2 minutes of the train wreck while holding down the fast forward button. Painful.

I was happy that Alexis made it through; she is very deserving. Now she's got 3 weeks to work on her songs and perhaps a tan.  

I've never been to Disney World. I never had the desire and have managed to brainwash my kids into thinking the same. Now I'm rethinking it. I may drive down to Orlando for spring break. I don't want to sing on the big stage, but I want to play the part of Simon. His chair is calling my name....

Next up: Carly and Michael. I've heard them do that song before. I didn't like it the first time and I didn't like it this time. How about Carly covering up much of her tattoo? It would have killed her to do that last season?

And then Ryan makes half the contestants stand so he can tell them that they are not through and the camera pans to the waiting room where we are greeted by a headshot of some crying bufoon. Who was that idiot? Pull yourself together, man. 

And speaking of pulling yourself together? Holy. Mother. of Pearl. Tatiana? Seriously, I thought she was going to faint. How about her hiding behind Stevie during Danny's song? The whole crew is smiling and swaying and singing along to Danny and Tatiana is having a breakdown behind Stevie! Hilarious. It is all about Tatiana, I'm afraid. She is a head case.

So glad Danny made it. I was not surprised, but I will admit to getting caught up in the drama of nothing is as it appears. I believe the Robert Downey, Jr look-a-like is going to be a favorite of mine this season. 

I would have rather seen Anoop get the nod rather than Michael, but I think Anoop has a good chance of making one of the wild card spots. Unfortunately, I think the judges might consider Tatiana for one of those spots, as well. Only time will tell....


Anonymous said...

Re: Tatiana -- "Head case" is right. And although I don't think there's much going on inside that head, the way she kept touching her hair made me wonder whether something might be something going on on the outside. Really. I couldn't help scratching my own head -- the same way I do when the school sends home a notice about a case of head lice.

Anonymous said...

Let the naysayers be. It gets harder to believe you truly have thick skin if you continue to bring them up.

...and you may be right about Tatiana getting a wild card spot. They probably are intentionally torturing her just for the drama she delivers.

Lastly, what did you think about Danny refusing to hold her hand? She reached for it twice! Poor T.

Anonymous said...

Happy about Alexis and Danny who not only as you say looks like Robert Downey Jr (a favorite of mine), but hails from my home state of Wisconsin!!
Hope you're right about Anoop getting the Wildcard. Would have preferred him to Michael. I liked it better the way they did it last season where they kept eliminating people as they went until they were left with the final 12. I wish they'd stop this 50:50 girl boy thing and just base it on talent not sex.