Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 36: Take One

Is Paula back to her old tricks? I don't know if it was the bloodshot eyes or the orange face or just the fact that she was sitting next to Kara who is radiant and young and smooth (and not high), but Paula did not look her best this evening. Thankfully she had her jewelry to distract us.  

First up, Jackie Tohn who kind of dressed like Minnie Mouse, but Minnie would never wear those sneakers. Or those trousers. I think she is adorable and a great performer, but I don't think America is going to be all over her quirkiness. 

Next was Ricky Braddy. I've never laid eyes on him before but I guess that's because he's been busy selling chicken fingers. Guess what? He's going back to selling chicken fingers. He hails from North Carolina, so I'm sure that tomorrow's Charlotte Observer will mention him even though Elizabeth City is a good 5.5 hours from Charlotte. But the Observer likes to claim the NC Idols as their own. Wait, I probably shouldn't be bashing the Observer....so I take that back. 

Alexis I-can't-be-away-from-my-baby Grace has definitely listened to the judges constructive criticism. Those listening ears of hers will get her far. She was great this evening despite having really odd looking parents. 

Brent Keith? I didn't recognize him nor will I miss him or that rockin' country song he sang. Bye, bye Keith. 

Ooooh Stevie Wright was just so wrong. She reminded me of Selena Gomez of Disney fame, so maybe she can guest star on one of those Disney shows and then call it a day. 

I like Anoop, but I didn't like his song choice. And I especially didn't like when he tried to justify it. Three words for you, Anoop: We. Don't. Care. Pick a song that sounds good, not one that has special meaning to you. Because...We. Don't. Care. Seriously, why is that such a difficult concept for so many Idols to grasp? He's lucky he's so cute (and his parents get the cutest parent award) because his cuteness may just carry him to the next round. 

Casey Carlson. Ouch. How about Paula calling her out on her weird facial expressions? Um, Paula, that's the pot calling the kettle black, my friend. And if Paula and Kara told her one more time how pretty she was, I was going to scream. Poor Casey, she was genuinely shocked by their responses. She thought she did a bang up job. The Police, Casey? Rrreally?

I'm calling bullshit on Michael Sarver. He claims that it was the perfect song for him because he "doesn't want to be anything other than me". He soooo would give up that oil rigging gig to be the American Idol. In a heartbeat. And then he'd lose the wife. And then the kids. I'm just kidding, Michael's a nice guy. But nice guys finish last. 

Ann Marie Boskosomethingorother was a total disappointment. Word on the street is that The Top 36 was actually chosen back in November. So they had plenty of time to choose a good song for tonight, hell, they should have a nice repertoire...but Natural Woman was the best she could come up with? I hate that she blew it because I liked her. Even if she has a weird crush on Kara and even kind of looks like her. 

Steven Fowler is not worth commenting on. So I will not. 

I am certainly not a fan of Tatiana Del Toro, but I do think the producers had their way with her during Hollywood week. She's a freak show. 

And last, but not least, Danny Gokey was my fave. But I agree with Simon, he did not knock it out of the ballpark by any stretch of the imagination. But I think the church music director and his rendition of Hero will be a force to be reckoned with...

America votes for one woman, one man and then the next highest vote getter....

Female vote: Alexis Grace 
Male vote: Danny Gokey 
Next Highest Vote Getter: either Anoop or Michael Sarver

Tune in tomorrow...


Karen said...

Once again, this almost makes me wish I cared enough to watch Idol.

Anonymous said...

I love Danny Gokey--great voice. But I wonder--do I love him because he looks so much like Robert Downey Jr.? The resemblance is really uncanny. I don't agree about Alexis Grace. Did not care for her. I really like Jackie Tohn, but she needs a stylist. Pronto. Also, I hate to admit it, but Tatiana had the best voice of all those women. But I CANNOT ABIDE HER. Never in all my days have I seen such a narcissist. Love how she kept denying that the auditions were really indicative of her personality. "My friends say I never act that way." As if she were abducted by aliens. Strangely, I think she has a chance in the top three. If not, she'll be back in the wildcard if the judges have anything to say about it. They kept Sanjaya, same reason.

L. said...

Yup - I said that right from the start - Danny looks just like Robert Downey, Jr....and I love me some Rober Downey, Jr. But I think Danny can sing, too, so he's not just riding on Robert's coat tails.

You need to give Alexis Grace a chance - she's got a good voice and star quality. She'll do whatever the judges tell her to do - and not give ridiculous excuses for her song choices. I think she'll grow on you.

As for Tatiana, she will be around for awhile because Idol always needs an assclown. An assclown who can sing is even better....

No Excuses Fitness Training said...
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Nibal Petro Henderson said...

Assclown - OMG - favorite word ever next to Asshat. Oh I needed that this morning.

So I'm coming out of the stalker closet to finally comment. Totally agree on the picks except I like the nice guy from Texas.

As for the judges. The men had it for me last night. Randy and Simon seemed balanced and fair while the women were just a freak show. Kara was one step away from breaking out in a cheer a couple of times - tone it down!

Back to the closet until next week. Keep the good stuff coming - lordy knows I need some smiles!

Anonymous said...

Lord. Did anyone other than Danny Gokey sing? After his performance, I seriously couldn't remember a single other performance. The other contestants should be grateful that Idol does that little rehash at the end. After all, three contestants are going through, so there's hope for two others. If anyone can remember them. (OK, after the rehash, I remembered being impressed by Alexis. But still ...)

Wiles Family said...

Agreed. Paula was oddly Tropicana-like and her inability to form a complete sentence is maddening. Does anyone else think Tatiana is her new stalker-in-the-making? The girl can sing, but I'd be concerned that the day she gets the axe (and she will), she'll show up at Paula's with a hatchet.

Wiles Family said...

I DO like American Idol, but this year the judges are
letting some of the... um... not so good singers through. It just angers me sometimes! Although this year it seems to me that Simon has let up on the insults a little bit. He is letting more of the really good people stay there! That is what makes me happy!