Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing Grand About the Old Oprey....

So far, staycation is all I ever wanted...and then some. Maybe that's why AI seemed especially boring this evening? Or maybe it had something to do with this week's theme. There are many reasons why I love Simon Cowell, not the least of which is that we share a disdain for country music.

Michael Sarver started us out singing a Garth Brooks song. He has the same physique as Garth Brooks, but he lacks his charisma and star quality. Randy Travis made a big deal about him memorizing all the words, but as Simon pointed out, you couldn't understand a word he sang - so who knows if he flubbed his lines? Not I. If I didn't dislike Scott MacIntrye as much as I do - I would say that it's time for Michael Sarver to return to the oil rigs. I'll give him one more week. But that's it....

Allison Iraheta is one talented young lady. Key word there being young....but that doesn't stop her from having the confidence, the poise and the pipes of a star. I'm not ready to join her fan club, but I definitely think she will be around for awhile. And she should be....

As will Kris Allen. He also sang a Garth Brooks song...and he made it his own. I'll have to take the judges words for it (but not Paula's because she is back to her old tricks and is high as a kite tonight) as I wouldn't know a Garth Brooks song from a Randy Travis song. But I thoroughly enjoyed Kris' performance (even though I hate how he spells his name).

I felt for Lil Rounds. Or Little Rounds. It's country week, for crying out loud. So she picks a big country song and she's criticized for singing a country song. Whatever. She'll be back next week and country will be behind her. All is good.

Adam, Adam, Adam. I still love him, but I'll admit that his version was scary and, yes, it was indulgent rubbish. But he has amazing vocals and he is current and young and fresh and hot (or whatever it was that Randy said about him). I love his personality (but not so much his look). I am not a fan of the black nail polish either, but I'll take Adam over Randy Travis any day of the week. He'll be back next week. If not, surely the judges will use their super powers and keep him around for another try.

If Scott MacIntyre doesn't go home tomorrow night, I will eat my hat. I listened to three notes of his song and then hit the fast forward button. As far as I was concerned, it was just like every other song he has sung this season. Safe, safe, safe. America better send him packing.

With each passing week, I am losing interest in Alexis Grace. I think she comes across as desperate. She's going to bring back the dirty next week because that's what the judges want. Unlike some of the other artists she is up against, she is not true to herself. In fact, she doesn't know who she is - but she is willing to do whatever the judges tell her to do and to be. Nope, not a fan of little Alexis. But she'll be back (dirtier than ever) next week.

Danny is still my main man. I love him, love his smile, love his big voice. L-o-v-e. I am not a fan of country, not a fan of Jesus taking the wheel, and yet, I loved his performance.

But...while I only have eyes for Danny...Anoop was my favorite tonight. Randy Jackson said it best when he said that Anoop's arrangement was dope. Total dope. I hope he can keep up the dope.

Is she going by Megan Joy now? Is that it? Megan Joy. Well, Megan Joy reminded me of Marilyn Monroe tonight. I almost expected her to break into, "Happy Birthday Mr. President...". I am not on board with Megan Joy. I think she is very, very odd. And what was up with that contrived accent of hers this evening? Was that brought on by the flu? And could she have coughed a few more times for effect (and votes)?

Once again...the last performer was (one of ) the best performers. Loved Matt Giraud's Carry Underwood song. He is one suave dude. Great vocals, great look, great ending to an otherwise boring show.

So after tomorrow we'll have our top ten...and if America gets it right...Scott MacIntyre will be looking for work this summer as he will not be touring with Idol.


Anonymous said...

Last week I liked Matt's "Human Nature" the best and this week I'm with you on "Jesus Takes the Wheel" Danny as the best. Adam's take on Johnny Cash (June's song) was ahem interesting and I like it in a very strange way. Also I am probably alone in liking Alexis' "Joline." Though I wouldn't buy it.
Emily Gaul

Anonymous said...

How about that wild harmonica player who stole the spotlight from Michael Sarver? Bizarre.

Scott McIntyre, though not the most intriguing performer, is just cute as a button. I love his smile. And the stylists have done wonders for his hair. But I think you're right--he'll be out.

Megan deserves to go, in my opinion. She has been off-key since the beginning. And, YES, I hate how she sucks up. You don't see cool-as-hell Adam doing that.

Most annoying of the night: Kara again. She is SO long-winded and phoney. High or not, I prefer Paula.

Anonymous said...

The harmonica player saved Michael IMO