Sunday, March 1, 2009

Southern Style Snowman

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb or so the saying goes...

We in Charlotte are hunkering down for a real snow emergency. The weather forecasters (who are rarely, if ever, right) are calling for 4-8 inches of the white stuff in the Charlotte area by Monday morning. Usually by the end of February, residents of the Queen City are sporting t-shirts and shorts and sunning themselves in parks. But not today, today we are readying ourselves for a natural disaster and it is so darn exciting I can barely contain myself.

I love Charlotte’s version of a snow storm. We've already had two snow days this year...the first "storm" dumped less than an inch on our lawn. The kids left the house at 7:30 am to take a spin down the hill at the park, but by the time they got there (7:35) there wasn't enough snow. Swear. The second "storm" dumped, well, nothing. Honestly, we didn't even have a dusting. But apparently the roads were icy and impassable for the buses (although I looked and didn't see any ice on any road anywhere). I left a note for my kids that morning when I scooted out to the Y that read: "Hey Guys! The good news have a snow day! The bad news is...there is no snow!"

Yet despite the miniscule accumulations, the city comes to a complete standstill and there is mass hysteria and utter pandemonium. Not only are the schools closed, the local television stations send reporters out with wooden rulers to measure the snow on streets and overpasses (in centimeters), businesses open two hours late (if at all), roads are declared impassable, liquor flies off the shelves by the gallons and grocery stores run out of bread and milk.

Today is no different. I went to the grocery store this afternoon because I really and truly had to go to the grocery store (and not because I wanted to get some hot chocolate and the makings for chocolate chip cookies). I'm happy to report that there are plenty of vegetables to be had (apparently eating ones veggies is not part of a snow emergency plan), but the bread was seriously picked clean and the deli counter was hopping (apparently there is going to be a whole lot of sandwich eating tomorrow across my fair city).

As luck would have it - my kids are off on Tuesday for a Teacher Work Day, so if Mother Nature is in a good mood, they will enjoy an unplanned 4 day weekend. I just checked the 5 day forecast and it's supposed to be 70 degrees by Friday. That's what I love most about a Southern snow day you're sippin' hot chocolate and three days later your slatherin' on the sunscreen.

My kids are already bouncing off the walls, so Mother Nature better come through. If she doesn't, than that Teacher Work Day on Tuesday will be verrrry much deserved.


Karen said...

I love it! So glad I moved here in time to experience the Winter of 2008 Southern Style. I think it's a sane and rational response and only wish we had done the same all those winters in Boston.

Karen said...

2009. I meant to say Winter of 2008-2009. And isn't it ironic that all those years living through the Nor'easters and Boston Blizzards, we never lost a tree. But our first snowfall down here and it's bye-bye tree in the backyard.