Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top 13

Jasmine was selected for her commercial marketability.
Meaghan was selected for her quirkiness.
Matt was selected for his coolness.
And Anoop was selected for his mass appeal.

I could do without the quirky factor. I don't care how current Simon thinks she is...I am not a fan. But I did feel for her when instead of basking in her glory, she was forced to console that idiot, Tatiana.

(side note: My son is a very sweet child. He rarely, if ever, says anything bad about anybody. I know, I know, he's nothing like me. So imagine my surprise when after Ryan announced that Tatiana would sing after the next commercial break, my good natured son deadpans, "I hope the judges crush her dreams." OUCH. I was shocked, "That's a little harsh, dude. What did Tatiana do to deserve that comment?" He then mimicked her laugh and her scream to a tee. Enough said. I'm elated that they crushed her dreams.)

Most awkward moment of the evening: when Jessie thought Simon was telling her she made it. She apparently doesn't understand British?

So in the end, those wild and crazy judges throw us a curve ball and give us the Top 13. When Anoop is finally voted off (and he will eventually be voted off) he's going to have a hard time accepting the fact seeing as he's been reincarnated several times now.

And what exactly does this mean? Will two people be eliminated during one week? Maybe we'll have a new American Idol...and Anoop.

Only time will tell....

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Anonymous said...

tempertantrumiana didn't even bother to chose a new song, just another repeat.