Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top 36: Take Three

Can I just tell you how much Kara bugged me tonight? I think she has taken on the role of Paula this season and Paula is mild in comparison.

Ok...with that said....

They are making The Hobbit a movie, aren't they? I think Von Smith should audition for a part. The lead part. The Hobbit. He'll have plenty of time, as I don't think he will get the nation's nod to come back next week. Which is a good thing, because I don't think I can look at him (or his sister in the audience) for another week. He of the weird facial expression and Heat Miser hairdo.

Taylor Vaifunua....I don't remember how to spell her last name and I don't think it matters. But under my breath, I am telling Kara to shut up. That's all I remember.

Alex Wagner-Trugman. A little dorky? Ya think?

Next up, Arianna Afsor. I had high hopes for her and her cuteness, but man, she killed ABBA (killed in a bad way, not a good way.) And now I find myself whispering out loud to Kara: shut the you-know-what up. Poor Arianna, she genuinely looks crushed.

I thought that judges were especially kind to Ju'Not Joyner. While he had a nice voice, I found myself wanting to slit my wrists halfway through his song. Bor-ring. Kara said he had ridiculous pipes, I say Kara had ridiculous comments.

The judges were not very impressed with Kristen McNamara who admitted that she should probably hire a stylist. Ryan mentioned that the Top 12 would be getting plenty of stylist help, but, alas, I'm not sure Kristen will ever get the chance to reap those benefits.

I will not comment on the fact that Nathaniel Marshall is a flaming drama queen. Nor will I tell you how I feel about his (too) many facial piercings. And I will leave his chipmunk cheeks alone. But I will say that watching him reminded me of a scene out of Flashdance. I wanted to break out into "What a Feeling..." but I was too busy SCREAMING at Kara to SHUT UP. Holy snap am I done with that lady. Did Nathaniel's grandmother remind anybody of one of those shriveled up apple people that you see at state fairs? Click here to see how Nathaniel's grandmother was born...

Just out of curiosity - doesn't everybody like to have fun? I mean, if you interview 10 people on the street, surely at least 9 of them will admit that they like to have fun, no? So why does every Idol contestant who performs badly have to say, "I just wanted to have fun up there." Really? Huh. Cause I thought maybe you were looking to have a crappy time up there. My bad.

Felicia Barton filled a spot in the Top 36 that was vacated by the woman who had a few previous record deals and posed a conflict of interests. Good for Felicia, good for Idol. I like her look and her personality (perhaps more than her voice) and think she'll be a welcomed addition to the Top 12.

I'm sorry, but if Scott MacIntyre gets through, it will because he earned the sympathy vote. There, I said it. As politically incorrect as it is, I said it. He's not that good, folks. And for the LOVE OF GOD...SHUT UP, Kara!

Kendall Beard? Do we really need yet another cute, little, blonde country singer? I think not.

At first I thought Jorge Nunez reminded me of Sammy Davis, Jr., but then I realized he looks a lot more like Curious George. Curious Jorge, if you will. And I think it's curious that after the guy spends money and time on a dialect coach (at the judges' request), Simon decides he no longer needs to work on his accent. Simon says articulation, Simon says pronunciation, Simon says diction...Fire your dialect coach. What the?

The last spot of the night is the place to be. First we had Danny Gokey in that spot, the next week we had Adam Lambert in that spot, and tonight we had Lil Rounds in that spot. I am pretty sure she will follow the others in that spot to a spot in the Top 12. She's got some junk in her trunk and that girl can sing. Very polished, great vocals, hot look...and I can't seem to get past Kara and her ridiculous input. Shut. Up. And while I'm ready to strangle Kara, I've got to give Paula her props. She was coherent tonight and had some good input AND managed to close the evening on a high note with her little play on words using Lil's last name! Way to go, Paula!

So, I'm going with Lil Rounds as top lady of the night. I'll go with Curious Jorge as top male vote getter for the night. And my third choice goes with Felicia Barton the replacement Idol. I'll be tuning in tomorrow at 8:55 for the results show....

PS: Was I too harsh tonight? A little too cranky, perhaps? We were without electricity for just about 36 hours and I guess I took my frustrations out on the Idols rather than Duke Power. Still, given the choice of slapping Duke Power or Kara...I'd go with Kara.


Anonymous said...

YES! Kara drove me crazy! Here I thought they were grooming her to take over for Paula. I'm loving Paula these days! We're never sure whether she'll be a trainwreck or not, but she's always interesting in some way (tacky jewelry, cleavage, word slurring). And she always has something kind to say to inspire those kids up there--they they need that after Randy and Simon's comments. They need to give Kara the boot--I want the old Idol back.

Anonymous said...

I think the blonde country singer is going through. She was the best dressed and we don't already have a country singer. Curious George?? REALLY? I think it's totally racists that they asked him to hire a dialect coach but I don't like his voice and he's not good looking. He just isn't. I think Ju'Not gets the boy vote. He was safe with his choice but I really like his voice. Lil wins this thing! She's Idol number 8.

Maybe Felicia-second-chance girl gets a wild card.

You gotta give Nathanial a tiny break. His mama with her lady mullet has been in and out of prison and his grandma raised him and he took out his nose piercings. He's going home, though. I bet he cries harder than Tatiana.