Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Top Ten do Motown

That Smokey Robinson is a class act; I love him - bad plastic surgery and all.

The night started out on a high note. In my humble opinion, Matt Giraud's performance was the best of the evening. He sang "Let's Get it On" and it was a brilliant song choice and a phenomenal rendition. Matt's got it going on; he's cool and hip and sultry and hot, hot, hot. After tonight, he's my guy. He dethroned Danny. Don't get me wrong, I still like Danny, but there's only room for one king...

Kris Allen had a great night, too. He sang "How Sweet It Is" and made it very current, very today, very Kris. (Why does Paula feel the need to stand up and dance? Sit down, you assclown.). I disagreed with Simon's advice that Kris should behave more like a star and act conceited. That's what I love about most of the guys in this year's competition (the good ones, anyway.). They are sooo not conceited: Matt, Adam, Danny...and Kris are all humble and unassuming and it makes them that much more endearing.

And then you've got Scott MacIntyre. He played the piano (shocker) and sang "You Can't Hurry Love" and I swear it sounded like something the piano player at Nordstrom might perform. In fact, the last time I was at the store trying on shoes, I swear there was a gentleman at the piano singing Scott's cheese ball version. For the life of me, I can't figure out how he's made it this far. It's the same thing, week after week. LOVE how Paula (who was grasping for straws) tried to sell the idea of having the singers around the piano as something that was fresh and new. Really, Paula? Rrreally? That's the best you can come up with? Well, then, it's probably a good idea that Scott goes home. But he won't...not yet, anyway.

But Megan might. Her version of "For Once in My Life" was horrendous. She may be original, but you still have to be good - because original by itself just doesn't cut it. And she is not good. She has no rhythm, she looks uncomfortable performing and there is nothing natural about stage presence. She reminded me of an act you might have seen on The Love Boat. (Doc would have been all over her.)

Anoop was up next and to be honest with you, unlike the judges, I wasn't that impressed with Anoop. But he's certainly not in danger of going home to Chapel Hill.

But Michael Sarver's end is certainly drawing near. Simon said it best when he said, "You are taking part in this competition, but there's no chance of winning it." It was a harsh thing to say and uncomfortable to hear, but Simon could have said it to a few people this evening. After Simon speaks, there really isn't any point in hearing what the other nincompoops have to say. But that doesn't stop Paula and Kara from going on and on and on and on and on. And on.

Lil Rounds hasn't hit her mark yet. I think she will, but she hasn't yet. I loved that she got verklempt at Hitsville, USA. I thought she did a great Martha Reeves impersonation complete with hairdo and designer duds, but she forgot the golden rule of Idol: make it your own. Not to mention she rushed through the song. But surely America will give her some votes because if she goes home before Megan, Scott or Michael, it would be a crime.

So I'm watching Adam during his alone time with Smokey and I'm thinking, "Man he looks great without the eye makeup and his hair all done up and the black nail polish..." and the camera pans to Adam on stage and he looks like Elvis! Or maybe Ricky Ricardo. But he looks great. Who knew his hair could do that? He was awesome. His version of Smokey's "Tracks of My Tears" was out of this world and Mr. Robinson gave him his props with a standing O. Wow. He is not conceited and every bit a star. Love him (but right now my heart belongs to Matt).

Danny had the unfortunate luck of singing right after Adam. But....there is a silver lining: because he's near the end of the line up, the show is running out of time. As usual, Kara and Paula have talked themselves silly and as a result, each of the judges can only say one line about Danny, so he fairs pretty well. They all agree it wasn't his best (that is putting it waaay mildly), but he's still in it.

And the last singer of the night is Allison and she hits one out of the ballpark. Man, she's good. She sang, "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and her version was somethin' else. While Danny benefitted from the time constraint and the one line comment from each judge, Allison suffered....because Kara and Paula could have waxed poetic about Allison for a good 5 minutes or so.

So now it's time for the play back and it is clear from watching the recaps that we really only need Matt, Kris, Lil, Adam, Danny and Allison in this competition. The rest of them can go home tomorrow. But that's not how the game is played. So who will it be? Scott, Megan, Anoop or Michael?

I think I've made myself abundantly clear: Scott is the least worthy of the bunch. But he apparently is getting the Americans with Disabilities vote. I know, I know, that is not PC at all....but you know you were thinking the same thing. How else would he have made it this far? And it's not as if I'm the only one being politically about Ryan busting on Scott's flesh colored pink pants and then asking him how he knows that the pants were pink? Ouch.

But I digress...

I want Scott to go home, but I think Michael will...


Anonymous said...

Well for the purity of singing I loved Anoop and Adam the best. I actually liked Lil and Scott because I like my Motown to be bouncy.

No one stood out. I was annoyed Danny didn't take Smokey's advice and Megan was just AWFUL. But I didn't have a favorite this week. Emily

Oh and Allison just annoys me. Poor Mike needed his harmonica player.

Anonymous said...

I think Adam and Allison will be in the finale. As much as I dislike Adam's stupid hair, the guy has talent. He was amazing last night. I agree with it being very annoying that Danny ignored Smokey! He was off last night.

Do they have a night where they pick their own genre? They should have that early in the season. Everyone should shine and we could see the dead wood right away.

Anonymous said...

I thought Scott's pants were a throwback to Swinging London. Groovy.