Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rat Pack

Three more weeks until the Finale. And tonight, for the first time all season, I don't want any of the contestants to go home. But we can't have 5 American Idols, so somebody has to go...

The theme is standards made popular by the Rat Pack and the mystery mentor is Jamie Foxx. (Because as Kris pointed out...everybody else is dead.) Kris is singing "The Way You Look Tonight" and I love the way he looks. I always do. I know this is a singing competition, but Kris is adorable. And don't tell his wife that I said that because, I'm kind of afraid of her. She reminds me of an angry, mean Reece Witherspoon; somebody who will not put up with the crazy-ass shenanigans of his adoring female fans. Hmm.

  • Randy says it's his best performance to date: Kris took his time, he told his story.
  • Surprise, surprise...Kara is overly dramatic with her critique telling Kris that he set the technical standard for the evening. She thinks he's a dark horse. Dark horse? I think Kris has been one of the favorites for several weeks, so why Kara is saying that he is a dark horse is beyond me, but then again, Kara is often beyond me.
  • Paula thinks Kris is handsome and sophisticated. (Not sure Mrs. Allen appreciates that...)
  • Simon isn't as wooed by Kris tonight. He's not sure that Kris can win this competition.
  • Laurie thinks that Kris can absolutely win this competition, a lot can happen in 3 weeks and Kris gets better each week.
Allison put some black low-lights in her hair! Finally! And the orange is a bit more maroon tonight, which is a drastic improvement. Granted, I'd prefer an all over black, but I'll take what I can. She looks fantastic while singing "Someone to Watch Over Me". Jamie Foxx showers her with praise.
  • Randy says Allison is lookin' dope tonight and adds that her performance is da bomb.
  • Kara "ain't nervous for you anymore...." (After these two comments, I'm nervous for the English language.)
  • Paula is proud of Allison. (and that's something, huh?)
  • Simon isn't sure that Allison believes in herself. He thinks that she is being overshadowed by some of the other personalities and has a horrible feeling that she is in trouble tonight.
  • Laurie thinks that Simon just gave Allison the kiss of death. I think it is a great performance, but I have a hard time understanding some of the lyrics. "Someone to Watch Over Me" sounds more like, "Su Wuh to Waaaa Ova Meeee".
Matt is singing one of my favorites, "My Funny Valentine." He studied jazz in college and got a B. I'm hoping tonight's performance will be an A.
  • Randy acknowledges that it's a hard song to sing, but says it was a little pitchy and it didn't quite come together.
  • Kara doesn't feel like he was emotionally connected.
  • Paula says it was pure, simple and impressive.
  • Simon disagrees with Randy and says it is the most authentic performance all night. And the icing on the cake: the performance is absolutely brilliant.
  • Laurie is always thrilled when Simon puts Randy in his place - especially when it involves Matt's performance. I think he gets an A, ok, maybe an A-
Danny is singing "Come Rain or Come Shine" and Jamie Foxx gets in his grill to try get the most out of Danny. Apparently it works.
  • Randy thinks Danny can make a whole album of these Rat Pack songs.
  • Kara says he's got a Rat Pack Swagga.
  • Paula says she's going to keep is short: stellar. But then adds a few more words because she is incapable of making her commentary short.
  • Simon agrees that Danny has swagger (he opts to pronounce the word correctly). He believes that Danny came out to prove a point tonight: he wants to win.
  • Laurie thinks this is the first time Danny has shown some originality. Unlike some of the contestants, Danny hasn't gotten much better since we first saw him in the auditions. Granted, he was good back then, but it was nice to hear a little variety tonight.
And as usual, Adam closes the show and brings down the house. He sings "Feeling Good" and after the performance he is doing just that...
  • Randy says it's a little theatrical, a little too Broadway, but a great performance.
  • Kara says it's confusing and shocking and sleezy...but in a good way...she loves it.
  • Paula says Adam makes her feel better than good and then adds that he's our very own Michael Phelps.
  • Simon acknowledges that Adam is in it to win it. And then adds that Ryan can no longer use the staircase after Adam's entry.
  • Laurie thinks Adam is in a class by himself, BUT....she is growing weary. I like Adam, I really do, but sometimes the screaming and the theatrics is a bit too much for me to handle. Sometimes I prefer the quiet touch of Kris to the production and flamboyance of Adam. Still, I love how calm, cool and collected Adam is before and after his performances. He is well spoken and genuine and appears humble and gracious. And god knows he is talented. I just wish I could get the image of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat out of my mind when I'm watching Adam sing.
My favorite part of the night...the recap...roll the tape:
  1. Kris: understated and fabulous.
  2. Allison: why the heck didn't she change that hair color sooner? She may not get the chance to show us her brunette side.
  3. Matt: smoooooooth.
  4. Danny: I am so NOT giving Jamie Foxx credit for Danny's artistry tonight.
  5. Adam: hate to say it...but that little facial gesture of his at the end...downright creepy.
So who is going home? I think it's between Matt and Allison and I'm going to put my money on Allison.


Anonymous said...

I liked Danny and Matt the best tonight. Adam I thought was so not the rat pack and Allison seems to be singing with marbles in her mouth. Emily

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I hope that Allison stays to add some variety to the remaining 4. I really wish that they had started with more talented women--this male dominated competition has become a bit boring to me. R

Anonymous said...

A dance friend pointed out to me, they didn't do Rat Pack they really did Fred Astaire/Gershwin/Porter era. Anyway I loved the music. Emily