Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Say Goodbye to Sassy Pants

I thought I wanted Scott to go home, and I did...until Megan graced the stage and right from the getgo started doing her best impression of an assclown. one point I thought she must be drunk. When Ryan asked her about Simon's reaction to her boring performance last night she responded, "I love you Simon, but I really don't care..." I'm calling bullshit on that, Megan Joy. You'll care when you watch the replay of tonight's show. It's one thing to be voted off, it's another to go down in flames. And you, my friend, went down in flames.

She made a complete fool of herself on the heels of David Cook's humble, dignified, top-notch performance. I am so horrified by her antics that I won't even comment on the fact that Scott was not in the bottom 3. And she had it coming when Simon said she was not worthy of a save and therefore would not be evaluated after tonight's performance....she was going home, regardless. A wise choice from a wise judge.

I still think she sounds like Ethel Merman, (take a listen), but Ethel Merman had more class in her little finger than Megan has in her whole sassy self. I have no use for that kind of back talking disrespect. Am I dating myself? Perhaps. But Megan has a lot of growing up to do and for her son's sake...I hope she does it...quickly.

Looking forward to next week when the contestants sing a song from the year they were born.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I believe she had been drinking or she got into Paula's pill stash. Simon was very justified!

Anonymous said...

I think Megan sounds more like Katharine Hepburn during her "On Golden Pond" era. And while Anoop stunk Tuesday night and was sassy to the judges, he seems to have come to his senses and was appropriately humble. I predict we lose Anoop and Matt in the next two weeks. The judges may use their "save" on Matt.

Anonymous said...

I never understood how Megan made the top 10. Alexis was better---Megan can't sink and her movements are just darn strange. R