Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sayonara, Scott...

Here are tonight's random thoughts:
  1. Worst Group Sing in Idol history. Bar none.
  2. Kris got the cute vote, as he should, and managed to escape the bottom 3.
  3. Anoop is pissed. (He'll apologize for it next week...)
  4. Kara (and her honking gold necklace) bugs the crap out of me.
  5. Love me some Flo Rida, but I don't get the exposed underwear thing. At all. And yes, I realize I am dating myself. It's in keeping with this week's theme: the year they were born. The year I was born the Beatles were wearing slim-cut tailored suits. Something tells me that Flo would bust out of a slim-cut suit.
  6. Scott is sporting a bouffant in honor of the year I was born. Thanks, Scott.
  7. Anoop, Lil and Scott are in the bottom 3. America got it right. But I think Anoop begs to differ.
  8. Simon confesses that one Idol in the bottom 3 is worthy of a save. Hmm. Who might that be? If they save Scott, I will start wearing my pants around my knees in protest.
  9. Kelly Pickler has lost a million pounds and still her dress doesn't fit. What's up with that? Has she had some work done to her face? A nose job, maybe? She better be careful, she kind of reminds me of Joan Van Ark.
  10. Tina Turner is safe. Lucky break there, Lil.
  11. FINALLY, America got it right.... Scott is going home. Or is he?
  12. When asked if his singing was good enough to earn the judge's save, Scott replies, "I won't know until I watch the tape." Was that meant to be a joke? He did say "watch" the tape, right?
  13. Simon seals the deal and finally we are rid of Scott. Whew. I can continue to wear my pants around my waist.
  14. Shut up, Paula.


Cheri said...

Not gonna miss him -- or the judges' patronizing comments. What is up with Anoop? Are these his true colors? I didn't get the glitter comment at all. Dude, everyone was doing it and you're on freaking Idol -- either get on the party train or hop off at the next station. I'm getting tired of the 'tude.

Anonymous said...

Best part of the night was Frankie Avalon singing "Venus."