Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock Week on Idol

I hated tonight's show. Worst all season. Maybe because I'm not a fan of hard rock. If I never hear another Guns N' Roses song for as long as I live, I'll be just fine. And while I don't doubt that Slash is a fabulous guitar player, his iconic status is lost on me. I think he's a freak.

Adam starts the night (and pretty much ends the night) with Zeplin's Whole Lotta Love. I know the guy is crazy talented and I know he can sing like nobody's business, but I hate the way he looks tonight and it completely turns me off. Yuck, I can barely look at him. Slash, on the other hand, loves every minute of him (although he does warn him to watch his screetching).
  • This is the Adam that Randy loves (you can have him, Randy).
  • Kara, dressed as a rocker babe, tells him he's a rock god.
  • "You're a whole lotta perfect" is Paula's clever reaction.
  • Mr. Cowell says the only problem is that nobody will be able to top it.
  • I think he looks like something out of a horror movie. And while he sounds great: a) I am not a fan of the genre and b) I'm scared out of my wits
Seems Allison paid a call on Adam's hair stylist this week. She's got new purple extensions and a bit more style. She looks good. After feedback from Slash, Allison choses Cry Baby by Janis Joplin.
  • Randy says that although she can sing her face off, he doesn't love the song choice. (Nice job there, Slash.)
  • I totally forget what Kara says, but I'm guessing it was overly dramatic and spectacular
  • Paula says that if they ever do a bio of Janis Joplin, Allison will get the part. (never happen.)
  • Simon thinks she's come a long way, baby. But...doesn't love the song choice. (Again, nice mentoring there, Slash. Great input.)
  • I'm just not that into Allison. End of story.
Duet time. Kris and Danny are the first pair to perform. And, I'm sorry, but who made these pairings? Did they flip a coin? Did they get to choose amongst themselves? No mention of how it was determined, but clearly we've got the two rockers together and the two non-rockers together. Hardly seems fair.

Kris and Danny seem a little out of sorts (rightly so.) They sing Renegade by Styx. Randy likes the harmonies, but isn't all over the individual performances. Kara says it's pitchy, but together they are united and strong. Paula says they are powerful and compelling. Ladies, these are ridiculous adjectives to use when describing a singing performance. Simon makes it short and sweet, "Danny was better than Kris." Ouch. I thought the whole thing was a mess.

Commercial break and we're back with Kris (who has made a wardrobe change) for his individual performance. Kris admits that he wants to pee in his pants when playing guitar with Slash. Meanwhile, Slash is clearly not a huge fan of Kris' as evidenced when he says, "He needs to pick it up for his performance."
  • Randy likes Kris' guitar playing and thinks he is true to himself, even though he is a bit out of his element. (a bit?)
  • For Kara, it is not a great performance.
  • Paula thinks it's risky to do a Beatle's song. Why? Because she can't think of anything else to say, that's why. And god forbid she say nothing.
  • Simon does not like it and describes it as "eating ice for lunch."
  • I think Kris is off tonight. He seems nervous. But I will add that he sings the song much better without Slash and his crazy-ass guitar. It's a shame that rock night has to come this late in the season. It might mean trouble for my boy.
Danny, the only contestant never to be in the Bottom 3, sings Dream On. Slash says Adam is vocally gifted, but his performance could go either way with that end note. Clearly, Slash only has eyes for Adam.
  • Randy tells him it's not his genre. Thanks, Einstein.
  • Kara says that Danny took the swagger comment too far. (I'm not sure who is bugging me more: Slash or Kara.)
  • Paula doesn't think it was the right song for Danny.
  • Simon thinks the last note sounded like a horror movie, but thinks he'll be safe tonight.
  • Laurie hopes that by dissing Kris, Simon actually rallies the troops to vote for him. As for Danny, I think he sounds ok (except for the last note), but as usual there is nothing original about Danny. Yes, he's got a great voice, but he doesn't have an ounce of originality.
Time for the second duet, Slow Ride, sung by Adam and Allison. Of course this is going to be fantastic and it is. There is no excuse for it NOT to be fantastic.
  • Randy says that the two seasoned rockers are da bomb.
  • Kara calls them a rock god and goddess.
  • Paula says they are a perfect marriage (does she know that they are on different teams?)
  • And Simon tells them they won the Battle of the Duets. And adds that Adam may help keep Allison alive for another week.
  • I agree with Simon; Allison is riding the coat tails of her rocker friend. He not only gave her a new hairstyle, he gave her some votes. I love how Allison throws herself into Adam's arms at the end of the performance.
I am glad when they cue the tape as it signifies that tonight is over. Let me reiterate...I hated this show. Roll the tape:
  1. Adam: is scary. Scary good, but scary nonetheless.
  2. Allison: still doesn't do it for me.
  3. Kris: still does it for me. But I fear he may be the one sent packing...
  4. Danny: whoa, that scream at the end was painful.
So who will go home tomorrow? I think it should be Allison. And I'll leave it at that.

How about Daughtry performing tomorrow evening? And did I hear Ryan say that Paula was going to take the stage? Where is her publicist? Who is advising her? I don't think this is a good idea. At all. As if she doesn't make a big enough ass of herself every week - must she add fuel to the fire?


Lori said...

I think Danny's performance was the weakest. It was painful to watch him be so off key. Do they really work that stuff out in their final run-through? His Jamie Lee Curtis scream at the end did not help.

I like Allison! Adam was amazing but he's still doing theatre. You could tell Kris was out of his element because he reverted to his monkey face. Play back your DVR and watch his lips. Poor guy.

I hope Kara is the one voted off.

Anonymous said...

I love rock of all kinds, and I just thought Adam was amazing. I'm ready to go to his concerts--he is so mesmerizing and fun. If you fastforwarded after his song, he made the most hilarious face to someone in the audience, sort of like Ace from Kiss. He is funny, yet poised.

The others, while all pretty good, just don't thrill me. Allison will be awesome in a few years when she's more seasoned. Loved their duet.

E. M. Gaul said...

Adam should have done all four songs. That Banshee shriek by Danny - most amazing moment in AI history. Emily