Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ellen Takes the Stage...

181 of the nation's best singers take the Kodak stage during Hollywood Week...and the person I most want to see perform is Ellen.

Before she takes her seat at the judges' table, Ellen tells the crowd of Idol hopefuls that she doesn't have a musical background, but she knows what it's like to get on stage and try to please a crowd.

But is that what it takes to be a good judge?

Kara and Randy have the music industry resumes for the job, but they don't have what it takes to entertain us. Enter Simon. He has a knack for recognizing talent when he sees it and has achieved great success launching many a musical career. But he also has the ability to cut to the chase and put words to what everybody is thinking. Sure, those words are often caustic and scathing, but he's honest and he's spot on and he's always entertaining. And that is precisely why he's the best judge.

So, yes, Ellen knows what it takes to try to please a crowd, but she also knows how to think on her feet. She's quick, eloquent, sharp and she's an entertainer. That's why she'll be a good judge and give Simon a run for his money. Which is exactly what American Idol needs this season.

With that said...who were this evening's stand outs? Apparently the Top 24 is already established and the names of the 12 guys and 12 girls have been leaked to the media. You can easily find them if you are so inclined. But I'd rather wait and be surprised. So...
  • Katie-with-the-grandmother-who-has-Alzheimer's is adorable. The producers are painting a very pretty picture of her and I've bought it hook, line and sinker.
  • Loved the dude who sang Paula's Straight Up...
  • Hated that the stereotypical dumb Southerner had to get back on the air-O-plane to East Bumfuck. But really, you knew Hollywood was going to eat her up and spit her out if she stayed another day. It's best that she goes back to the trailer park and picks up where she left off...which I believe was jumping off bridges, no?
  • I don't get all the fuss they're making over the teenage, black country singer with the Chicklet-like teeth. I cringe every time she opens her mouth. Am I missing something?
  • Definitely liked Lilly the sandwich maker who sang Ella Fitzgerald. Quirky = good.
  • I think Big Mike was lucky that his wife's water broke so he could play the labor card. I hate that he missed his child's birth, because he is not going to be the next American Idol. And his wife is sooo going to hold that over his head for the rest of his life.
  • Must admit that I was somewhat relieved that Justin the cancer survivor did not survive Hollywood week. He reminded me of Donny Osmond. Maybe he can hook up with the Osmond Brothers in Vegas or something?
  • I liked Casie the Stripper this time around. I was not all over him the first time I saw him (half-naked), but if he keeps his shirt on, he may just have a chance...
  • Didi the Waitress sounded (and looked) a lot like Colbie Caillat. She's a cutie.
  • Unlike Crystal the Tattoo lady. Whoa. She sounded great, but if she sticks around (and I think she will) she is going to need some major help in the looks department. The stylists can't wait to get their hands on her. Start with some Crest White Strips and take it from there. And her son? It pains me to rip on a baby, but, man, that kid looks like an alien. Scary. But the judges liked her, as did the crowd. So...she's got a good chance at winning (and getting a free set of veneers) (I'm just saying...)
Ok, tomorrow night is Group Rounds....bring it.


Pamela said...

I really wanted the Air-O-plane girl to make it. My family thinks I'm such a sucker! It really bugged me that instead of looking at it as a free trip to Holly-E-wood and a new beginning, she put her head down and went back to her front porch swing. Someone needs to talk some sense into that girl!

Lynn M said...

I agree with you all the way. Except I do like Haeley Vaughn (black pop-country singer chick). She doesn't have the best vocals, but I love that she's not a Diva singer like Jasmine whatshername from last season and I think she's got charisma.

The one I'm not feeling is Andrew Garcia. I did love his take on Straight Up, and he's a very good singer. Definitely should be in the Top 24. But I'm just not falling down in love with him. I actually liked Casey James better.