Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last Shot in Hollywood: Part 1

71 contestants in 3 holding rooms without any chairs or smiles. I grow weary of the superfluous drama....but it wouldn't be Hollywood week without it.

I must admit, I actually like most of the contestants. I think that's a first for me. But I don't like them all. Mary Powers bugs the bejesus out of me. For somebody who oozes so much confidence, she doesn't have much talent. Or fashion sense. She stares into the camera with those enormous, black-rimmed eyes and declares, "My life, my family's life, is going to change." Really, Mary? After her final audition Simon whispers to the judges that she could be interesting because she is older. I say she could be interesting because she's a _itch. But lucky for America, the judges decide that to be in the top 24, a contestant needs more than an awful attitude and Mary doesn't make the cut.

I fast-forward through 2 hours in record time...a relatively easy feat since every other male contestant sings Man in the Mirror for his final audition. I'm sorry, but I still can't get my head around that black, teenage country singer. She freaks me out; she looks like a caricature of herself. At the end of the show, we are still not sure of her fate, but something tells me she's going to be in the Top 24 along with...

  • Michael Lynche: Apparently it was worth missing the birth of his daughter. After seeing him pick up all of the judges (except for Randy), I think it's best that his daughter bulks up a bit before Big Daddy comes home.
  • Didi Benami: She's adorable and original and made her angel friend quite proud.
  • Katelyn Epperly: Can't wait to see if her good-for-nothing father shows up in the audience.
  • Casey Forget-his-last-Name: He reminds me of Smith, Samantha Jones' boyfriend from Sex and the City. But apparently he's going to be Kara's boyfriend this season.
  • Aaron Kelley: He's the 16 year old who is as sweet as the day is long, but not all that cute. I'm not sure the teeny boppers are going to fall for him. Maybe the 40 something mom's will keep him around? (Present company excluded.)
  • Lee Dewyze: The jury is still out on Lee. I like his voice, but I'm not sure I like his being.
  • Todrick Hall: He's got the Fantasia connection and a photo of him and Oprah...so he's almost famous. I like his look and his personality, I just haven't heard enough of his voice.
And the Sore Loser of the Night Award goes to....Jessica Furney. First she begs the judges to give her a chance and when they do not - she blames her loss on the folks she sang with during Group Week. Nice, Jessica.

And the drama continues tomorrow night...

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