Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elvis Night...

Adam Lambert has more charisma in his little finger than all of the 9 contestants put together. He's articulate, eloquent, engaging and the best mentor that American Idol has ever delivered. Heat Miser hairdo aside, it's great to see Adam back on Idol.

Ryan reminds us that the one save of the season has been used, so two Idol wannabees will be going home this week. I think we should make it three to celebrate the return of Glee to the Fox airwaves. In fact, let's send them all home and watch Glee three times a week.

That won't be happening, especially with Idol Gives Back right around the corner. With that said, who made it to the bottom three?

Not Crystal Bowersox.

Definitely Andrew Garcia. Adam does not mince words; he tells Andrew that he's boring and he gives him some constructive criticism. Does Andrew listen? No. Will Andrew go home as a result? Yes.

Not Tim Urbain...who is my favorite of the night. Simon says it best..."You went from zero to hero." And could he be any cuter? No, he absolutely could not. He's adorable.

Not Lee Dewyze who sings A Little Less Conversation like a rock star. The judges and Adam still want to see Lee smile more and lighten up, but I disagree...I like him just the way he is...a little mysterious, a little complicated and a little edgy.

Perhaps Aaron Kelly. In his introduction he says that Blue Suede Shoes probably isn't the best fit. Um, then why are you singing it, Aaron? He appears scared out of his freaking mind, so I opt to fast forward through his performance. I can't seem to look at him tonight, so I have to believe that a good chunk of America will feel the same way, and as a result, Aaron will suffer in the vote department.

Based on her performance, Siobhan Magnus should be in the bottom three, but she may get sympathy votes based on her comeback to the judges. After being criticized for seemingly not knowing what type of a singer she is, Siobhan fires back that she doesn't label herself, she just likes to sing. It reminds me of the interview segment in a beauty pageant when Miss America is asked "What quality do you like most about yourself and why?" But in case you haven't heard Randy say it a gajillion times - this is a singing competition (not a beauty pageant).

Unfortunately, Big Mike is going nowhere fast. He puts me to sleep singing about the ghetto. What is up with that nodding thing that he does with his colossol head while sucking in his lower lip? Slowly and methodically he nods his head yes as if someone is asking him a question. Maybe Big Mike hears voices in his ginormous head?

Katie Stevens will not be a top vote getter, but her performance should not land her in the bottom three. But it probably will....because Katie bugs people. The song she sings is called Baby What Do You Want Me to Do? But Katie's performance could be called, "Oh No You Di'int!" She's got some serious attitude going on complete with neck rollin' and head bobbin' and finger waggin'. The vocals are good, but I think America is going to side with Simon who thinks it's loud and annoying. Katie wants to be America's sweetheart, but sadly, she is not.

Casey James will be safe. I think. His performance is just ok, but I think he'll get the votes he needs. Unless, like me, America is getting sick of looking at his stiff neck. He moves like he is wearing an invisible neck brace.

So who is going home? I believe I've given you the Bottom Four and a Half...but if I had to pick two...then my money is on Andrew and Aaron.


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to hear a medley of Evis "Kentucky Rain" and Brook Benton "A Rainy Night in Georgia.

I'm also a Tim fan, so much for his refreshing attitude which is amazing at such a young age.

Anonymous said...

If only Katie would just be a preppie and stay true to her CT roots. But she is irritating trying to act like something she isn't That's kareoke.

Anonymous said...

Adam Lambert blows.