Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today is my son's last full day of 4th grade. He is counting down the minutes. Next year, as a 5th grader, he'll be at the top of the school food chain. I asked him if his class toured the new 5th grade wing that is due to open in August. He told me that the school hasn't received "the certificate of loyalty or something like that, so we can't get in." "Do you mean the certificate of occupancy?" to which he replies, "yeah, that". I don't know what getting a certificate of occupancy entails, but I'm quite impressed with myself for coming up with the term, so I nod my head and smirk as if I am totally in the know. I figure I only have another year or two where he believes that I know everything, so why not play it up while I can, right? (Ok, I have one more year. Tops. Probably closer to 6 months.)

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of classes; today she takes her final math exam. A two hour, cumulative, algebra extravaganza. I'd rather gnaw off my own right arm than sit down and take that test. But as I often tell her when she complains about homework and studying, "I already passed 7th grade with flying colors." (and with my right arm intact.) Needless to say, we will be doing a jig at our house this afternoon. Most likely eating ice cream and candy for dinner. And probably having left-overs for breakfast.

And then tomorrow they both go back for a half-day of fun before closing up shop for the summer. No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks. I am a huge fan of the last day of school. I haven't personally celebrated one in a few decades, but I live vicariously through my kids, so the day is still up there on my list of favorites sandwiched between Christmas and Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love the day that marks a twelve week hiatus from studying and school projects, from carpools and after-school sports, from early bed times and early rise times, from dress codes and from routine (and usually means junk food for dinner)?

There's a joyous feeling in the air. We're happy and relaxed and looking forward to a great summer. We don't have much planned; there's plenty of downtime to recharge our batteries and enjoy the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. All is good. Until somebody tells me that they're bored....


Lisa said...

Yeah! Summer rocks! We need to get our trip planned.

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