Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm two hours behind because as of last week, my heart belongs to Glee...and Glee trumps American Idol. I'll take Rachel, Finn and Sue Sylvester singing Madonna over Aaron, Sioban and Big Mike singing inspirational tunes any day of the week. Tonight's episode was brilliant (Glee, not Idol).

Alicia Keyes, Princess of Soul, is tonight's guiding light (on Idol, not Glee) and first up is Casey James singing Don't Stop. Casey is going to have more success in the modeling business than he will in the music business. He is so handsome and has a flair for style. I think his voice is good, his guitar playing is great, but man is this guy stiff. On second thought, I think he'll make a better mannequin than model.

Lee Dewyze is singing The Boxer. I am in love. With Lee. With the song. With the arrangement. With his voice. And even with the sparkles in his hair.

Tim Urban is back to his old tricks. His performance is below par, but when the judges confront him with their negative feedback, Tim smiles and giggles and agrees with Ryan that nothing rattles him.

I Believe I Can Fly is a pageant song, but Aaron Kelly chooses it because he's been singing it since he was 5. My question to the 5-year-old Aaron is what's so wrong with the Itsy Bitsy Spider? I Believe is a big song when you're 5 and a big song when you're 16. But regardless of it's size, it put me to sleep and may have put Aaron in the Bottom 3.

Siobhan Magnus, who is dressed like Tinkerbell, is on my last nerve. This is the third week in a row that she chooses a lame song and then goes on the defense in a 5 minute rebuttal to the judges justifying her ridiculous choice. She can't play that eccentric card anymore; she's used up all her chances. If I want to watch an oddball misfit singing each week, I'll tune into Glee. Oh, wait, that's what I do. Well, alrighty then, I guess I have no use for Siobhan anymore. And quite frankly, I think America will agree.

Michael Lynche is singing about a hero. And he bores me. To tears. He just earned himself a spot in the Bottom 3 with Aaron and Siobhan.

Crystal Bowersox is the judges' favorite tonight. She looks beautiful (in a Medusa sort of way), sounds extraordinary and is choked with emotion by the time she finishes the song. Now that, my friends, is inspirational.

Idol Gives Back, the 2 hour fundraising event of the year, is scheduled for tomorrow night. In the spirit of giving, I'm not sure if they will have the heart to give somebody the heave-ho. But if somebody is packing a suitcase tomorrow night, I prefer that it be Big Mike's duffel bag. America had it right a few weeks ago and the judges went and screwed it up.


Anonymous said...

Aaron needs to go, too. And you are spot on about blonde ponytail guy... He is BORING. Lee blew him away because he is more talented and he has to work harder because he's not tall with a blonde ponytail. I think the finale will be Lee and Crystal. Crystal should win but I don't care about this anymore either. Idol peaked a couple of years ago and needs to limp off into the sunset when Simon leaves this year. Ellen has been a wonderful addition to the show but she's not enough to save the sinking ship.

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