Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As Ten Goes to Nine...

I had it wrong last night! 

David Archuletta doesn't remind me of Igor of Frankenstein fame, but rather Tattoo, Mr. Roarke's faithful assistant. 

Welcome to Fantasy Island! It's the way David smiles and grunts and groans. I'm telling you, I can hear David Archuletta screaming, "Ze plane, boss, ze plane!" He is a (slightly) taller version of Herve Villechaize; the kid gives me the creeps. I think he is actually living on Fantasy Island. 

But enough about David Archuletta about Ramiele's staying power? What the? She needs to play the lottery tonight because anything is possible. She reminds me of Yasmin the Bratz doll. I think she is actually the same size as the doll. And the resemblance is uncanny. Check it out in the upper right hand corner.

Poor Chikezie. He didn't really deserve to go home tonight. I mean, sure, it was inevitable that he was going home in the next couple of weeks, but he could have hung around a bit longer had he picked a better song. When will the contestants learn that they need to appeal to a younger audience? The kids playing with Bratz dolls are the ones voting and downloading the singles on their iPods. They wouldn't know Luther Vandross if they fell over him.

That was Syesha's problem, too (amongst other things). That song was awful and yet she thinks she is a diva and can pull it off. Herein lies the problem: she's the only one buying the diva persona. 

And we learned that Carly was wearing Spanx last night which explains the pork sausage effect. I think she should spend less time trying to camouflage the fat and more time trying to cover up the tattoo, but that's just me. I mean, come on, as if anybody gets past the tattoo and the angry face? Puhlease. 

So next week is Dolly Parton week. Thank goodness Kristy Lee Cooke will be around to sing a little country and do a little two steppin'. Anxious to see what the other Cook will do with a Dolly Parton song? He's thus far managed to work wonders with Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson songs - so I have faith that David Cook will be able to handle Dolly, as well. Islands in the Stream? Working Nine to Five? Coat of Many Colours? Here You Come Again? I Will Always Love You? I wonder which song he'll turn into a rock song? I'm going to iTunes right now and see if I can find any Dolly remakes before David beats me to the punch...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Top 10

Tonight's theme is "The Year You Were Born". 

Ramiele Malubay was born in Saudia Arabia on September 6, 1987 and died on the Idol stage on March 25, 2008. She had me going with Hart's "Alone" until she started screaming link a banshee. And then she completely lost me. 

Jason Castro was also born in 1987. He sang Sting's "Fragile", but I enjoyed his Up Close and Personal pre-taped bit more than I enjoyed the song performance. The kid is precious. And I do mean kid. I think that's why Simon is under the impression that Jason is not taking this thing seriously; because he acts like a flaky (albeit drug impaired) teenager. Ryan Seacrest asked him if he was in it to win it and Jason said yes. But I can't help but think that this is more like Jason's Excellent Adventure, dude. I'm still routing for him and still want to eat him up with a spoon. But while Jason has the mojo to be an Idol, I'm not quite sure he has the talent. 

Syesha Mercado was another 1987 baby. I'm not sure of the name of the song she sang? I just know that she was quite pleased with her performance. I'll give it to you that she sang well, but unlike Randy and Paula, I'm not convinced that she is a contender to win the competition. She'll be around for awhile, but unless she gets her hands on a big dose of personality, she won't be around for the finals. 

I have no idea what year Chikezie was born, but given that song he sang tonight, I would guess somewhere around 1946. There is no denying that the boy, or shall I say, the man, can sing. But he cannot pick a song to save his life. I'm afraid tonight's performance of Luther Vandross' "If Only For One Night" may be his last night. He has no mass appeal. Whatsoever. 

Brooke White sang "Every Breath You Take" with plenty of mass appeal. I think everybody in America thinks that Brooke could be their friend. She is so real and unassuming. She's got a great voice and is easy on the eyes. What more could you want in an Idol?

Enter Michael Johns. He's everything I want in an Idol. And finally, he found his big song and tonight was his big night. Michael John's is an easy sell: he's got the voice, the look and while he's hot enough for the ladies, he's cool enough for the guys. I'm sorry, but that face he used to make at his sister during their childhood competitions? Brilliant! 

Carly Smithson is in jeopardy of going back to the tattoo parlor. She sang Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and seemed scared out of her ever-loving mind. That angry face that she gets when she sings does not help matters. And as long as I'm being brutally honest, she was packed into that dress like a pork sausage. But even if my eyes were closed, I could tell that something wasn't working for Carly tonight. 

David Archuletta, born in 1990, is the youngest of the crowd. I have no idea what song he sang tonight, but I know that it would make a great Up With People number. A very strange song, sung by a very strange boy. I realize he's young, but it's not his lack of experience that's the problem; in fact, I almost think he's too polished in a weird sort of way. He doesn't act like an 18 year old. There is something very creepy about this one. He reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor. A stretch maybe, but there's something about the way he grunts when the judges give him feedback.

Kristy Lee Cook won kudos from the judges after singing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA". I'm not sure why they thought it was such a great song choice? I thought it was Corn Ball City. My only thought is that she chose it because she knew she was probably going home and would have a few months to kill before the Idol Tour kicked off, so by showcasing her patriotic side, perhaps she could get a gig singing to the troops in Iraq? That's my best guess. 

And they saved the best for last tonight. David Cook was born in 1982 when Michael Jackson was all the rage. David's version of "Billy Jean" was amazing. I'll admit when it started off I thought, "Oh, God, no..." but it didn't take me long before I changed my tune. David gets an A+ for originality. This guy is a musician who can do far more than just sing. And I'm going to give him an A+ for keeping his ego in check tonight as well. Now I'm wondering if Idol is really the best thing for him? Maybe he'll follow in Chris Daughtry's footsteps and make a bigger name for himself without the Idol stamp of approval. 

Only time will tell...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments? I think not.

After tonight there will be 10 contestants. It couldn't come a moment too soon. I love how Idol chose the Beatles again because it meant not having a "mentor" there sharing the tricks of the trade with the the Idol wannabees. But the Beatle songs did not make for an exciting evening. At all.

Amanda started us off. I know she's good at what she does: singing like a biker chick - but I am just not that into her. For me, it's the same thing week after week. If I close my eyes I am in a bar in Myrtle Beach sticking to the beer drenched floor and wreaking of cigarettes. That is not a happy place for me.

Next up - Kristy Lee Cook looking hotter than ever. She sang "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." And while the Beatles' songs stand the test of time, this was the first time that Kristy Lee heard the song. What the? That alone is grounds for elimination this evening. Seriously, she is so outta here.

David Archuletta sang "Long and Winding Road" and to me it was a carbon copy of his "Imagine" performance. I thought it was very safe, to quote my favorite judges. Remember Melinda Doolitte from last season? Every time the judges would compliment her she'd get that deer in the headlight look about her and act like she was shocked that they liked her? Yeah, well, David's pulling that same crap and it bugs me.

I thought Michael Johns got a bad wrap from the judges last night. Granted, there were a few bad notes, but I don't think the song was a mess. At least he knows who the Beatles are and knows their music. But I am with Simon and the gang...he needs to nail one and he needs to nail one NEXT WEEK. Until then, I still like the Hottie from Hottingham.

Brooke White's version of "Here Comes the Sun" was an abomination. The yellow dress complete with the sun's rays was just a tad bit over the top. But I am still routing for Brooke.

David Cook is one cool dude. I do think he is good, I really do, but man is that guy smug. He doesn't need to work on his music as much as his image. I promised myself I wouldnt' comment on his hair this week - but I've got to - because I think he changed the color! He made it more chocolate brown and less orange -which is lovely and a good first step...but we need to work on the volume.

Carly Smithson sang "Blackbird" and I would have been able to stomach it a lot more if she didn't give her whiny explanation of why she chose the song. Puhlease, little wounded blackbird, spare me. Is it me or does she kind of look like a bird when she sings? Like an owl, really. She scrunches up her face and her eyes go up on the sides and her nose looks like a beak. I thought she sang well, but I challenge her to cover up that tattoo next week and not look so scary when she sings.

I know I'm playing favorites, but I thought Jason's version of "Michelle" was beyond adorable. Beyond. I could eat that guy up with a spoon. I'll give it to Simon that a lot of the Jason attraction is his look - but it's more than that - it's his whole being - the guy is precious. And he can sing, too. And America better keep him around...or else.

But America can have Sayesha. I soooo didn't get the judges last night. I thought her version of "Yesterday" was horrible. I didn't like the arrangement and I didn't like the way she sang it. Sayesha is too big for her britches. Simon told David Cook that he didn't think he was as good as he thinks he is - but I actually think that comment applies more to Sayesha. David is good. Sayesha is not. David is original. Sayesha is not. But Sayesha thinks she's fantastic and was shocked to have been in the bottom three. She's not that fantastic. At all.

And after last night's performance, Chekezie pretty much proved that last week was a fluke; he got lucky. The harmonica bit was ridiculous as was the arrangement.

That's all I've got this week. I'm away from my computer and things don't feel right for me. Much like the contestants, I can't get my groove on. Next week I'll be back better than ever and hopefully the contestants will be, too. So my vote is for Kristy Lee Cook to go home tonight. No, she wasn't the worst last night, but she's got to go sooner or later. The fact that she doesn't know Beatles songs is a good enough reason as any....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Adios David Hernandez...

Can I just ask who in the Sam Hill is voting for Ramiele?

Maybe tonight wasn't her night to go home, but surely she should have been in the Bottom 3? I think her close friend Danny must be rallying the troops. Surely if there were a Bottom 4, Ramiele would be included? Surely. 

But tonight we celebrated David Hernandez home. I was a bit surprised, I must admit. I mean, sure, his performance last night was beyond cheesy, but I thought America would give him another chance. Perhaps his sordid past caught up with him? Perhaps America didn't buy the Pizza Bistro line?

Kristy Lee Cook is the one who should be celebrating. Celebrating those genes of hers. None of the other contestants could have pulled off the countrified version of "Eight Days a Week". Her voice had nothing to do with it - but her face, her tight abs and her long legs certainly did. 

And as long as we are listing those who should count their blessings, let's not forget David Archuletta. America gave him a gift tonight. Refresh my memory; didn't several people go home during Hollywood week because they forgot their song lyrics? He is one lucky duck. 

I'm starting to worry about Jason. Where is his family? Every time the camera pans the audience for the support shot, we see three or four "Friends from College" but no family members. Mrs. Castro? Mr. Castro? Hello? Where are you people? And, I'm sorry, but he's going to have to get a handle on the interviews and that includes the live phone calls from Average Joe's. Don't get me wrong, Jason is still high on my favorites list (and I believe high on a few other things, as well, but that's neither here nor there.)

How about David Cook taking my advice and covering up that head of his? I would have preferred the extensions, but I understand it's a lengthy process and so I'll sit tight and give him until next week. But let me make myself perfectly clear: there is no reason to wear that hat again. Ever. 

Good to see Katherine McPhee back on the Idol stage. What's left of her, anyway. That dress left little to the imagination and no place to hide her earpiece and all the wires. It was all a bit odd. And speaking of odd...Sanjaya and his sister were in the house tonight. 

So, one down, ten to go....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Stage

The new set is bigger and better than ever. And so are the contestants. 

Sayesha was the first to open the Lennon/McCartney songbook, but she opted to sing "Got to Get You into My Life" a la Earth, Wind and Fire. Hmm. She's got a nice voice and she looked good, but I just can't connect with Sayesha. At all. She is neither warm, nor fuzzy. She's a bit too plastic, in fact she's ice cold. But it doesn't really matter what I think, because Sayesha likes Sayesha. A lot. 

And then it was Chikeezie's turn to take the big stage. He was a different performer tonight, for sure. Kudos to Chikeezie. Paula was kind of making sense when she spoke and Chikeezie managed to transform himself: who knew? But I must admit, I enjoyed Ryan's reaction to Chikeezie's performance far more than I enjoyed the actual performance! That is, until Ryan grabbed Chikeezie's beat, sweaty head. Yuck. 

Poor Ramiele. She lacks both originality and creativity. Perhaps filling all those containers of soy sauce has taken its toll on her? She looked pretty tonight; I knew that those stylists would be able to work some magic with her hair. She sang "In My Life" and dedicated it to all of her "close friends who left the show already." All of them? Umm, do you mean Danny? Have no fear, Ramiele, I think you'll be joining "all your close friends" in the very near future. Her stage presence is practically non-existent. And I'm telling you, those darn stairs are going to be problematic this season. Somebody is going mark my words. 

Jason, Jason, Jason. I love me some Jason. (Even if he hails from Texas. Via Colombia.) I'm guessing that those Colombian cousins of his come in handy when Jason is chillin' and smokin' and singin'. If the singing thing doesn't pan out for him, he could be the next spokesperson for Lancome mascara. Those eyelashes of his are to die for. I liked his song tonight. I like Jason and his guitar. Unlike the judges, I am not sick of his schtick, in fact, I quite enjoy it. 

And I might enjoy Carly a bit more if she'd cover up that enormous tattoo every now and again. She did a good job tonight with "Come Together"; there's no denying that. But I'm not especially moved by Carly. I hope I can warm up to her in the next couple of weeks, as I know she'll be around for awhile. 

Along with David Cook. He had another great performance with "Eleanor Rigby". He almost reminded me a little of Chris Daughtry tonight. Simon is right, if this were purely a talent competition and popularity didn't factor in, I think David might take the prize. But it's not and popularity does matter. So I have two words for David: hair extensions. You see what they have done for Ramiele? David has bad hair, the comb over is not working for him, but he need not suffer another week. It would be a good first fact, Brooke could help him, what with her beauty school background and all. 

Brooke was an emotional wreck tonight. She sang her heart out and it showed. I thought her performance was spot on. She is completely genuine. Unlike Sayesha, Brooke is both warm and fuzzy. And she can sing. (And has good hair.)

David Hernandez was way over the top. He has a great voice and I think he'll be safe this week, but he needs to calm it down if he wants to stick around for much longer. That performance had all the makings of a Carnival Cruise line extravaganza. (I especially liked how he said he worked at a pizza bistro. Uh-huh. Riiiight.)

Try as I might, I have not been able to connect with the Amanda the Rocker Nurse. And I'm not sure I ever will. I like that she managed to smile a few times tonight, but that slurring out of the side of her mouth thing that she does bugs the crap out of me. 

I want to defend Michael Johns because I am very much a fan - but I know what the judges mean when they say they expect more out of him. I do, too. He looks like a star and he sounds like a star - but he hasn't had a star moment, yet. He needs to have that moment soon. Very soon.

Holy Mother of Minnie Pearl - what was Kristy Lee Cook thinking? She sang "Eight Days a Week" in a chicken fried steak sort of style. And she sang it badly. This is not what Lennon and McCartney had in mind when they opened the song book to Idol. 

And pray tell, why is it ok, Paula, for David Archuletta to forget the lyrics to "We Can Work it Out"? It's not ok. David was awful tonight. I don't care how good he's been in the past, tonight he was awful. He said he gave it his best and had fun. Yeah, well, his pants are on fire; he was so not having fun up there. And just for the record, that was far from his best. 

So who is going home tomorrow? Ramiele? Kristy Lee Cook? Can't wait to find out....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Smile, You're on Candid Camera

Why do I always feel as if I am on Candid Camera?

I'm waiting at the customer service desk of my favorite (not) grocery store to redeem my gift card giveaway when a woman comes up to me and asks where she can find Rolling Stone Magazine. Not sure why she's asking me as I'm dressed in sweats, standing behind a grocery cart filled with goodies and not looking at all like an employee of this or any other store. 

There is a service manager behind the counter, but she is busy with a customer who is loudly proclaiming that the gallon of milk she bought doesn't taste right and she is demanding a new one. The service manager completely understands and tells the woman to go help herself to another (better tasting) gallon. Apparently the customer was expecting a fight, because she doesn't back down and instead proceeds to tell the manager exactly when she bought the milk, how horrible the milk tastes and why she thinks that it's only fare that she is entitled to another gallon. And the service manager is nodding and smiling and wholeheartedly agreeing with her, but she can't get Crazy Milk Lady to leave the counter and head over to the dairy section. And so I'm left to deal with the woman who is looking for the Rolling Stone Magazine. 

"Um. Gee. I don't know, I don't think I've ever seen that magazine in this grocery store." I don't know why I just didn't leave it at, "Gee, I don't know." Period. Because then she asks, "Well, where do you think I could get one?" And like a fool, I suggest a book store. And like the crazed milk customer, the would-be Rolling Stone reader proceeds to give me waaay more information than I need, "Well, my son is in prison and he can't get the magazine in prison, but he really wants this magazine, so he asked me to get him a copy. But now you're telling me that I need to go to a bookstore, well, he may just not get the magazine after all." Alrighty then, she is clearly not interested in traipsing all over town for the magazine and I am soooo not interested in continuing this conversation. 

So, now, the question I respond to this lady and thereby encourage her to continue this crazy-ass conversation? Or do I glance around for the hidden camera? I decide to direct her to the magazine section and suggest that she take a second look; maybe Rolling Stone is tucked behind O Magazine (did I just give O a shout out?). But she doesn't take my bait, instead, she asks where the nearest book store is. What the? 

By this time, the milk lady had stepped down off of her high horse and is making her way over to the dairy section of the store in search of some delicious, fresh milk. And so I kind of look to the manager for a little help in the ole customer service department.   

Of course redeeming the gift card giveaway is never an easy task; it requires the scanning of my VIC card and my signature and so while obliging, I get to hear a little bit more about the son in the big house. Which is super. Cause he sounds like a gem. And just when I think I'm about to get my gift card, the customer service manager informs me that she also needs me to print my name next to my signature. It's quite the system they have to ensure that nobody gets more than one gift giveaway card. And from the corner of my eye I see Crazy Milk Lady making her way back to the counter with a fresh gallon of milk in hand. (And by the way, the Customer Service Manager clearly told her to get a gallon and go about her day. But I'm sure she wanted to stop back to retell her story once again. Because it truly was a fascinating story.) 

But before I had to hear one more word about the spoiled milk or the son in the state penitentiary, the customer service manager hands me my card and I hightail it out of there glancing back only briefly to make sure that the Candid Camera crew is not in tow....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally...The Top 12

I think America got it right, for the most part. 

I would have felt better about Asia'h sticking around for a few more weeks and Kristy Lee Cook riding off on the horse she rode in on, but Kristy is hot and America likes hot, so Kristy gets a spot in the Top 12. Not sure how long she'll stay, but for now, her hotness sealed the deal. 

I was pleased as punch to see Danny go home. I really thought he was going to turn into this season's Sanjaya. Good to know that we won't have to put up with Little Miss Attitude's antics. I guess Vote for the Worst is going to have to find a new poster child. 

No surprise that Kady and Luke were sent packing. Ryan mentioned that he didn't think Luke would be going back to cleaning carpets. Um, Ryan? Pray tell - what else did you have in mind for Luke? He should consider himself darn lucky if Stanley Steamer takes him back. 

The only other person I would have liked to have seen voted off tonight would be Paula. Really. What is wrong with that woman? I couldn't decide if she looked more like Pinocchio or Peter Pan in that get-up? That ridiculous lid placed on top of that phenomenally beat head of hers was just a little bit more than I could handle tonight. I wanted somebody to strap her in her seat. 

She's got a nice gig, that Paula. She gets high as a kite a few nights a week, gets paid millions of dollars to talk nonsense with the Idol contestants and as if that weren't enough - somehow manages to be the #1 download on iTunes this week?! Is there no justice in this world? She is one lucky S.O.B. (I still want to know which of her meds puts her over the edge every week...)

I was quite happy that there was no Group Sing this evening. Good to see that Blake is still beat boxing is way into our hearts. But most of all - I'm glad we're finally down to 12. Let the fun begin...

I forgot Sayesha

If just occurred to me that I forgot to comment on Sayesha. 

She was the last one to sing last night. And I was practically asleep when she finally graced the stage. And she sang a Whitney Houston song. And, go figure, the judges did NOT tell her that a) Randy produced the song or b) that she didn't hit the high notes like only Whitney can do. But I think that was because they were out of time. (and maybe because Paula was all talked out.) All three judges kept their commentary short and sweet. She was good, they said. Ah, but not nearly as good as Sayesha thought she was; I have no doubt that in her mind she was far better than the Whitney of the '80s. Bottom line: she'll be fine tonight. But if I forgot her last night, surely America will forget about her in the near future....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ladies Night

Tonight was the ladies turn to embarrass themselves. 

I thought the show was far more boring than embarrassing. The ladies just aren't doing it for me this season; it was a regular snooze-fest. 

Asia'h apparently hasn't watched all 6 seasons of Idol like I have. Because if she had, she would know that Whitney Houston songs are strictly off limits. And if you foolishly choose to sing a Whitney song, you must be prepared for a) Randy to tell you how he produced that song and b) all the judges to tell you that you didn't hit the high notes like Whitney did. They are like a broken record (no pun intended). So I'm not going to comment on her song, but I will say that her outfit was horrendous. It was ill-fitting and unflattering. That said, I hope America gives her a spot in the Top 12 because she is one of the few women I can actually stomach.

I don't think Kady Malloy did enough to secure a spot for herself in the Top 12. Simon put it best: her "massive lack of personality" is sure to bring her down. 

Amanda will most likely be around again next week and a few thereafter. But not if I had my druthers. I'm just not all over this biker chick. I don't like her singing style, her dress style or her hairstyle. I don't like the way she talks out of the side of her mouth. And what, pray tell, is up with her inability to smile when the judges compliment her? She seems bothered by it all. And she leaves me feeling the same way. 

Carly can definitely sing. (Hence her previous record contract.) I had never heard of her before Idol, nor have I heard any of her songs - but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it was her choice of songs and not her voice that lead to her record contract going south. I'd like to place a little of the blame on that massive tattoo, but I think she added that post-record contract, so that won't fly. She's a good singer and she'll be in the Top 12, but if she wants to be in the finals, she's going to have to pick a good song or two. (note to self: no Whitney Houston songs). 

Last week Simon told Kristy Lee Cook that she would make a good country singer. So this week she twangs her way through a Journey song. How's that for original? I mean, she did a fine job, but what ever happened to being true to yourself? Who is Kristy? If you listened to her most embarrassing moment, she is a dog. She's a little bit country and she's a little bit horse lady. Hmm. I don't know that I totally agree with Simon when he says she's unforgettable, I just don't especially like her. In fact, I could take or leave her. I think America will keep her around for another week or two. 

Ramiele might not be so lucky. She certainly isn't the worst singer, but she lacks that star quality. Maybe because short people have no reason to live? That's what the other Randy would say. I think she and Kady Malloy (who, for the record, is not a short person) are going to be in the bottom two tomorrow night. 

My favorite of the night was definitely Brooke. I loved her Pat Benatar cover. She made it her own. I think the Beauty School Drop Out might just be a force to be reckoned with. 

Tune in tomorrow: same bat time, same bat place....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moments

So tonight the contestants shared with us their most embarrassing moments. 

And in keeping with the theme, Paula embarrassed herself from start to finish. She managed to get through an entire show without articulating one cohesive thought. That might be a record.

Luke started us off tonight, and Luke finished himself off tonight. Simple as that. WHAM! He's outta here. 

Enter David Archuletta. I know it's not pc to talk smack about sweet, young David, but I'm going on the record: I am no longer a huge fan. I know, I know. What happened? I'm a fan - just not a huge one. I think he has a great voice. And I think he's sweet and genuine. But there is just something a little off about him. And I can't quite put my finger on it. When he was sharing his most embarrassing moment with us, did he say something about going to Honduras for a fund raiser? What's that all about? What is he raising money for in Honduras? Shouldn't he be in school? Who is hitting him up for fundraising gigs in Central America? I think he takes himself a little too seriously. I totally agree with Simon (so what else is new?): if David sings too many sad songs, it's going to get depressing. But, let David explain...he chose this song because he wanted to bring awareness to homelessness!! Oh. Ok, Angelina. You know what, David? Save it for Idol Gives Back. I don't want to learn lessons from my Idol contestants (especially from the one young enough to be my kid) I want to be entertained. It's a singing competition. David needs to lighten up before I let him back into my good graces. And he'll have plenty of opportunity to do that because he'll be around for awhile. And that's ok, because he deserves to be. 

Unlike Danny Noreiga. Enough already. He described his most embarrassing moment as the time he fell down the stairs at the movies, but he was wrong...tonight was his most embarrassing moment. And I do not want to see any more of his moments, thank you very much. Unfortunately, I don't think America is ready to be done with him just yet...

David Hernandez opted to go with a Celine Dion song, but that apparently wasn't his most embarrassing moment. Hmm. A photo shoot that revealed a pea size booger was what made David blush the most. Apparently that Up Close and Personal was filmed before the stories about him being a stripper at a gay nightclub surfaced on the internet? (not that there is anything wrong with that). I like David. I think he's a good singer and a good performer. Even if he has a sordid past. 

I think Michael Johns is still my favorite. He sang "Don't You Forget about Me" and believe me, I won't. Neither will America. He's cool, he can sing, he's real. I can't wait to see him on the big stage. 

David Cook made Lionel Richie proud tonight. It was a great version of "Hello". He sang it well, but, man, I hate that I feel this way, but....but I just don't like looking at David Cook. That balding head of his brings me down. I know it shouldn't be about the appearance, least of all the hair, but it is for me, dawg. 

So maybe that's why I love Jason so much? Lord knows he's not hurting in the hair department. There's something so fresh and real about Jason. LOVED his most embarrassing moment when his dreadlock came off in his hand. That's hysterical! I hate to sound like Randy and Simon (well, really just Randy - I don't mind sounding like Simon at all) but I LOVE that song, too. And I thought he sang it phenomenally. Hallelujah! He is the real deal. Not preachy. Not picking a song to highlight homelessness. Not doing fundraisers in Honduras. Or doing photo shoots that reveal pea size boogers. Nope, not for Jason. He's just singing and smiling and growing him some dreadlocks. 

Chikezie wasn't the worst singer tonight, but he sang the worst song. And for that...he will be going home. I would throw Danny Noreiga under the bus for him in a heartbeat - but I think that there are just enough assclowns out there to support Danny the Freak for a few more weeks a la Sanjaya. I hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell....

It was nice getting back on the blog tonight! I seemed to have fallen off the blog thing for awhile. But I'm back. And so will the ladies....tomorrow night!