Thursday, March 6, 2008

I forgot Sayesha

If just occurred to me that I forgot to comment on Sayesha. 

She was the last one to sing last night. And I was practically asleep when she finally graced the stage. And she sang a Whitney Houston song. And, go figure, the judges did NOT tell her that a) Randy produced the song or b) that she didn't hit the high notes like only Whitney can do. But I think that was because they were out of time. (and maybe because Paula was all talked out.) All three judges kept their commentary short and sweet. She was good, they said. Ah, but not nearly as good as Sayesha thought she was; I have no doubt that in her mind she was far better than the Whitney of the '80s. Bottom line: she'll be fine tonight. But if I forgot her last night, surely America will forget about her in the near future....

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