Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Big Stage

The new set is bigger and better than ever. And so are the contestants. 

Sayesha was the first to open the Lennon/McCartney songbook, but she opted to sing "Got to Get You into My Life" a la Earth, Wind and Fire. Hmm. She's got a nice voice and she looked good, but I just can't connect with Sayesha. At all. She is neither warm, nor fuzzy. She's a bit too plastic, in fact she's ice cold. But it doesn't really matter what I think, because Sayesha likes Sayesha. A lot. 

And then it was Chikeezie's turn to take the big stage. He was a different performer tonight, for sure. Kudos to Chikeezie. Paula was kind of making sense when she spoke and Chikeezie managed to transform himself: who knew? But I must admit, I enjoyed Ryan's reaction to Chikeezie's performance far more than I enjoyed the actual performance! That is, until Ryan grabbed Chikeezie's beat, sweaty head. Yuck. 

Poor Ramiele. She lacks both originality and creativity. Perhaps filling all those containers of soy sauce has taken its toll on her? She looked pretty tonight; I knew that those stylists would be able to work some magic with her hair. She sang "In My Life" and dedicated it to all of her "close friends who left the show already." All of them? Umm, do you mean Danny? Have no fear, Ramiele, I think you'll be joining "all your close friends" in the very near future. Her stage presence is practically non-existent. And I'm telling you, those darn stairs are going to be problematic this season. Somebody is going down...hard...you mark my words. 

Jason, Jason, Jason. I love me some Jason. (Even if he hails from Texas. Via Colombia.) I'm guessing that those Colombian cousins of his come in handy when Jason is chillin' and smokin' and singin'. If the singing thing doesn't pan out for him, he could be the next spokesperson for Lancome mascara. Those eyelashes of his are to die for. I liked his song tonight. I like Jason and his guitar. Unlike the judges, I am not sick of his schtick, in fact, I quite enjoy it. 

And I might enjoy Carly a bit more if she'd cover up that enormous tattoo every now and again. She did a good job tonight with "Come Together"; there's no denying that. But I'm not especially moved by Carly. I hope I can warm up to her in the next couple of weeks, as I know she'll be around for awhile. 

Along with David Cook. He had another great performance with "Eleanor Rigby". He almost reminded me a little of Chris Daughtry tonight. Simon is right, if this were purely a talent competition and popularity didn't factor in, I think David might take the prize. But it's not and popularity does matter. So I have two words for David: hair extensions. You see what they have done for Ramiele? David has bad hair, the comb over is not working for him, but he need not suffer another week. It would be a good first step...in fact, Brooke could help him, what with her beauty school background and all. 

Brooke was an emotional wreck tonight. She sang her heart out and it showed. I thought her performance was spot on. She is completely genuine. Unlike Sayesha, Brooke is both warm and fuzzy. And she can sing. (And has good hair.)

David Hernandez was way over the top. He has a great voice and I think he'll be safe this week, but he needs to calm it down if he wants to stick around for much longer. That performance had all the makings of a Carnival Cruise line extravaganza. (I especially liked how he said he worked at a pizza bistro. Uh-huh. Riiiight.)

Try as I might, I have not been able to connect with the Amanda the Rocker Nurse. And I'm not sure I ever will. I like that she managed to smile a few times tonight, but that slurring out of the side of her mouth thing that she does bugs the crap out of me. 

I want to defend Michael Johns because I am very much a fan - but I know what the judges mean when they say they expect more out of him. I do, too. He looks like a star and he sounds like a star - but he hasn't had a star moment, yet. He needs to have that moment soon. Very soon.

Holy Mother of Minnie Pearl - what was Kristy Lee Cook thinking? She sang "Eight Days a Week" in a chicken fried steak sort of style. And she sang it badly. This is not what Lennon and McCartney had in mind when they opened the song book to Idol. 

And pray tell, why is it ok, Paula, for David Archuletta to forget the lyrics to "We Can Work it Out"? It's not ok. David was awful tonight. I don't care how good he's been in the past, tonight he was awful. He said he gave it his best and had fun. Yeah, well, his pants are on fire; he was so not having fun up there. And just for the record, that was far from his best. 

So who is going home tomorrow? Ramiele? Kristy Lee Cook? Can't wait to find out....


LHH said...

I have a bit of theory about David A. I think he was extremely lucky previous weeks because he was able to sing songs he already knew or had performed. This week, new song, he had to learn it and only had a week to do it and therefore, messed up because he needed more time to perfect his song. No doubt he has a good voice, but he does not have the "musician" talent like the others who have been writing and singing music so for long. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Carly reminds me of the wicked witch of the west, just can't get over her scarey eyes and furrowed brow.

MyThreeSons said...

Laurie, love the blog and can’t wait to read your comments after every show. I agree with you almost 100%.

Sayesha will be shocked when she goes home. In her mind, she’s already the winner. Confident or cocky? I say cocky!

Chikeezie was fabulous. Ryan was a hoot. At least he wiped his hands on his own trousers instead of Chikeezie’s vest, which is what I thought he was going to do.

Ramiele – great voice, but her stage presence is as exciting as watching paint peel.

You’re so spot on about Jason. He’s such the total package. I could scoop him up and spread him on a cracker. Yummy!

Carly is the “bomb, dude,” but could she please wear long sleeves. That tattoo is all I can see. Her mother came from Ireland to watch her daughter. I’ll bet she’s so proud. Somehow I think friends and family are asking her more about the tattoo than her singing.

David Cook can sing. I suggest a 911 emergency call to Hair Club for Men.

Brooke is talented, but needs a bigger personality! Ever notice how nice Simon can be to the pretty girls? He thinks she’s hot. Reminds me of Paula, always swooning over the cute guys. Michael and Jason can do no wrong by her.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on David Hernandez until I read your blog. Once again, “ding, ding ding . . . I think we’ve got the winner.” Laurie reaches the finish line in victory casting David for a cruise on Carnival. Brilliant!

Amanda – maybe my rocker roots hold her dear to my heart. She may be from another era, but I love the whole Janice Joplin reincarnation. You go, girl. Singing out the side of her mouth? Well, it could be a problem. On the other hand, it didn’t get in the way of Elvis.

Michael Johns. Love him, but he needs to shake it up – fast! I would hate to see him go too soon. He should stay if for no other reason that he’s just too easy on the eyes.

Kristy Lee set country music back 50 years. All she needed was a Minnie Pearl hat to complete the disaster. What a train wreck.

David Archuletta. Laurie, I was as shocked as you when Paula said it was OK he forgot the Lyrics. What? Since when is that OK? He’s a nice kid, but like you with Amanda’s mouth, I can’t get past his constant lip licking. He looks like a lizard trying to catch his lunch.

Again, love your blog, love your spot on thoughts. Can’t wait to tune in next time.

tro said...

I still love Jason and I, too, enjoy when he plays the guitar while singing. He is probably the ONLY contestant that I would sit through and entire show and enjoy. His voice is very unique and entertaining (not to mention, very easy on my eyes!)

Brooke runs a close second in my book. Again, I'm impressed by the muscial talents of both Brooke and Jason, they are true performers! tro