Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Her Irish Eyes Were Smiling (despite the fact that she was going home)

Wow. It's really not what you sing, or how you sing, but rather who is singing it. 

It scares me to think that it might be a popularity contest from this point forward, because I think David Archuleta has himself quite the fan base. Damn it. Shouldn't his fans be in bed or at least studying when they open those darn phone lines?

But that's neither here nor there, let's recap, shall we?

Not to beat a dead horse into the ground, but I still don't get what Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's music has to do with a contemporary pop star?? Randy said that the music was technically difficult for the Idols. I don't think the problem was the level of difficulty, but rather the feeling of coming across as a complete assclown for singing show tunes on the Idol stage.

But Lord Andrew proved himself to be a jolly good mentor, even if he dissed sweet Jason. There is no denying that Jason is a character, but at least he doesn't resemble a cartoon character. Seriously, was it painful to watch and listen to the Lord or was it just me? Maybe that's why Jason had such a hard time taking advice from Sir Goofy? Hopefully he'll warm up to Neil Diamond. And hopefully he'll get plenty of sleep tonight - did you notice his big yawn while he was waiting backstage to learn of his fate? Dude, he was just chillin'. 

So, yeah, the Davids were shock there. I'll tell you what, I'm getting rrreally sick of looking at Mr. Archuleta's bad hat. Or is it a cap? I think technically it's considered a cap. Nonetheless, it's a ridiculous look. I would love to see the cap, the father and the son go bye-bye, but I don't think that's in the stars. 

And then Ryan brought out Syesha and Brooke. How about Brooke apologizing for interrupting the judges? I like this side of Brooke. Sing it and then zip it. Done. America likes it better, too. And while Syesha had a great performance last night, I wasn't surprised to see her in the bottom two. America doesn't like Syesha; they've never warmed up to her. In last night's post I mentioned that she showed more personality and pizzazz in that one performance than she had all season. Well, tonight she set the record straight and explained that it wasn't her personality last night, she was merely playing the part of a "happy person". What the? So America was right...she really is void of personality? I was hoping Ryan would send her home tonight along with Carly. They're roommates, you know. Whatever.  

But alas, Carly had to take it for the team. And she was lovely to the bitter end. Noticably missing in the audience this evening was her painted husband, replaced by her beautiful mother and sisters. I think that was a calculated move from the Smithson camp. Word got back to Carly that her husband scared the hell out of the pre-teen set. Ah, but they were a day late and a dollar short. 

Maybe we can convince Carly's husband to sit next to Mr. Archuleta next week?


Idolmama said...

That's too funny....we noticed Jason's ginormous yawn backstage, too!

Anonymous said...

The part where Ryan kissed Simon was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I am just shocked that you didn't say anything about Lord Andrew hitting on David Cook. I can't blame the guy but come on he was flirting.