Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bye Bye Brooke

I can still hear her gasps, for crying out loud. 

Was it really that much of a shock to Brooke that she was going home tonight? She seemed absolutely devastated by the news of her departure. If it didn't happen tonight, it was certainly going to happen next week, so what is up with the mass hysterics? She is a freaking train wreck, that one. It was good to see her attempt one last do over with her parting song. Brooke, honey, GO HOME. I've had enough of your back-talking-song-restarting-emotionally-unstable-mouth-contorting-nervous-nilly nonsense. 

Loved when she cut her song short and walked away turning her back to the camera. Did you notice that none of the Idols tried to comfort her? I'm telling you, there is no love between these Idols this season. No hugs, no high fivin', no cutting up on the couch while watching those ridiculous Ford ads. Nothing. I noticed it when David Archuleta joined Jason Castro on the safe couch, as well. They barely acknowledge one another.  It's really rather awkward. Paula is the only one giving out any sugar this season. 

Paula and Natasha Bedingfield. I actually found her to be quite entertaining until she fawned all over David Archuleta. As a result, I will never listen to another Natasha Bedingfield song again. Ever. She is dead to me. And David Archuleta might as well be dead, as he is void of emotion and personality and barely has a pulse. The way he sputters and mutters when the judges praise him or Ryan tells him he's safe is just too weird for words.

But what's even weirder is that he's going to win this thing. Syesha will go home next week, Jason the week after that and then it will be down to the Davids. And little Archy is going to bring home the prize. But I don't think he'll ever be da bomb. He might be the opening act for Natasha Bedingfield, but unless Disney signs him, his 15 minutes are just about up. 


Anonymous said...

Where would David Archuleta be without Stevie Wonder? I'd love them to have Stevie be the mentor. David's tiny head would explode. He is so lame. If I didn't hate Syesha as much as I do, I'd be hoping it was him next week. Her, then him.

TC said...

OK, Ms. Reid, I am new to your blog and have just read several entries going back a few weeks. I find your perspective entertaining and amusing, however I have some basic disagreements with some of your opinions.

First, Jason Castro. You continually attack David (Alfred E. Newman) Archuleta for his teeny bopper base that keeps him going, however the ONLY thing that has kept Jason (The Muppet) Castro on this show is googly eyed women like you that like his blue eyes. The guy has NO personality and what little he does have is just plain goofy. His talent level is not anywhere near the remaining contestants. The fact that he survived that "Memory" debacle just prooves this is a popoularity contest. As you might be able to tell, I can't stand this guy.

I do agree with you on Alfred E. Newman (Archuleta) though. His smiley, shoulder-shrugging act has gotten WAY tired, and his disbelief / shock at Ryan telling him he was safe was enough to make me throw up. He does sing well, but his voice is too high and sappy for me....but a lot of teeny bopers will buy his stuff.

I think Syesha is far more talented than people are giving her credit for. That being said, she is absolutely perfect for Broadway, not the record industry.

David Cook is my favorite because he makes everything he does interesting and does it well. He will have a solid career regardless of whether he wins this popularity contest or not.

One final thought....Paula Abdul has GOT to go!!!! She is the most annoying aspect of this entire show. He comments to everyone can be boiled down to " I'm so proud of you for being true to yourself." Simon knows she's an idiot. You can see him squirm every time she talks. She is useless.


L. said...

Welcome TC! Glad you are enjoying my blog!

As for Jason - guilty as charged. I don't think he's much of a musician and I don't believe he's put together a coherent sentence all season, but the kid is adorable. He's charming and goofy and real: everything David Archuleta is not. I love how he's just as surprised by his popularity as we are! And he always brings a smile to my face. (and just for the record - I don't think Jason is getting the teeny bopper vote, I think he's getting the middle age married woman vote. Granted, I'm not a voter, but if I was, he'd get my vote. And a lot of my friends love him, too (hence my comment about being Mrs. Robinson).

As for Syesha, she'll be great on Broadway, but I don't think she's as talented as you think. She can act, but her voice isn't nearly as big as her ego.

But we do agree on David Cook and Paula! He rocks and she's high - end of story!

Anonymous said...

I don't see Syesha on broadway unless the play is about Condie Rice. Damn, she's looking more like her every week.

Mike's Universal said...

I sorta like this year's hyper trainwrecks featuring Paula and the show-no-love Idols. Makes for irresistable viewing at the very least.

L., one question about your stated occupation, "Trophy Wife" - I thought it was "Arm Candy."

Either way, what a great blog ... keep it going!