Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adam vs Kris....

How can Simon say, "Nobody could have predicted this..." Um, hello? I did. And so did many others...

88 million votes and only 1 million separate Adam and Kris. I'm thinking Kris will get a lot of Danny's votes next week, thereby putting him over the top and making him this year's American Idol. And I predicted it here and now, Simon.

So no Group Sing tonight; instead we are treated to Alicia Keyes, Global Ambassador for Something or Other, introducing an up and coming singing sensation from Africa. (and I can't hit my fast-forward button fast enough...)

Danny's visit to his hometown of Milwaukee is very...well...very Danny. It's nice and sweet and...that's about it. My favorite quote from a little girl in his audience sums it up rather nicely, "he's cute, he's got good glasses and he lives in Milwaukee." Enough said.

Conway, Arkansas comes out in full force to support their hometown hero. Love that Kris has a lifetime supply of free cheese dip at his favorite restaurant. I wonder if he'll have to pay for whatever it is that he dips in said cheese dip? And how about that father of his? How cute is he? It's easy to see where Kris gets his adorable crooked smile and his humbleness. A sweet family, indeed (I hope they'll be ok when Kris ditches them for LA). Something tells me his father may cry...just a hunch I have...but hopefully they'll get to eat his free cheese dip when he's gone.

And then we stall for a few more minutes while Jordin Sparks takes the stage. She's looking smokin' hot. But still, I don't have time for this and so I fast-forward and stop just in time to catch the last shot of Jordin looking like Satan! Holy good god, I'm going to have nightmares. Not a good way to end, Jordin. Horrible, in fact.

Now it's Adam's turn to have his moment. Hey, look, all the Idols are in the audience tonight! I see the blind guy (whose name has already escaped me) and Anoop. Oh, and there's the rest of them. Ok, so roll Adam's tape. His first fan request is from the weather girl at the local Fox affiliate asking Adam to apply her eye makeup for her. Hmm. Alrighty then. Then he visits the junior Broadway theater to show us where he got his start and he gives all the kids a pep talk. Then we go to his San Diego high school where some chick rips off her shirt and storms the stage. I'm sorry, isn't Adam like 27? And we're visiting his former high school? Isn't this a little humiliating for him? Clearly I need to lose the bitterness about Adam getting to sing One last night. I'll let it go... I fast-forward through Katy Perry's performance. Could her eyes be any bigger? I kind of feel sorry for her, surely everybody in America is fast-forwarding through her Vegas act, no?

And finally...the moment we've all been waiting for...Kris and Adam are heading to the finale and Danny is going home to Jamar and his church choir. Sweet Danny; he's a good guy and goes out with a bang as he sings You Are So Beautiful. Paula is on her feet and is tearing up. I take that back, Paula is on her feet and is now bawling. Kara is mouthing, "Oh My God." while I am mouthing, "Shut up, Kara."

Not sure what Simon means when he says that next week will be a "big ding dong"...but I think there's a good chance that The Chosen One will be upset....

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Anonymous said...

Good summary. I think we're all sick to death of the show at this point. I lost interest weeks ago. I may actually have to vote for once because now I want Kris to win. He's talented and I'm over Adam. Vegas girl's cape with the endorsement for him was the last straw. Kris is more talented than Adam. Period.