Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boy oh Boy

This is going to be short and sweet because I want to watch the season premier of Parenthood tonight.

The first thing I notice is the new line-up at the judges table...Ellen and Kara are seated next to one another, but they rarely, if ever, interact. I bet you anything Ellen can't stand Kara, but she's too nice to admit it. Unlike me - who cannot say it loud enough: I abhor Kara. Have you noticed that she is incapable of speaking without wiggling and shimmying?

In addition to hearing the boys sing, we're going to see some video that will give us more insight into each contestant...

First up: Big Mike. What do we learn about Mike? He's "huge into theater". I think he's just huge. Period. He sings "This is a Man's World" by James Brown and the judges love it. The judges can have it; I just cannot warm up to Mike. I don't understand the appeal and I haven't from the gitgo.

John Park reveals that English is his second language. Perhaps that explains why he doesn't make a connection with the audience?? He sings Gravity by John Mayer and just about puts me to sleep. How do you say, "Your days are numbered" in Korean?

When introducing Casey James, Ryan Seacrest tells us that Casey has never watched American Idol. Hmm. In his up-close and personal Casey thinks he's surprising us when he broadcasts that he hasn't owned a TV for most of his life. Um, no sweetie, that is not a surprise. He sings "I Don't Want to Be" and even though I don't want to...I like him. He's cool without being in your face and arrogant (read: Big Mike). But the judges are not all over his rendition of the song. I get that, but I still think he should stick around.

OMG, Alex Lambert is stealing my heart. He's out-of-his-mind nervous and Ryan Seacrest makes him tell America that he threw up before his performance last week. Nice, Ryan. In the video, Alex blurts out that when he was in the 6th grade he made up his own language. Ok, now I want to throw up for him - but in a good way. He is adorable and promises to relax in this week's performance. And...he delivers the goods. The judges love him. Randy admits that he has his own language, too. Um, Randy...that is putting it mildly, dude. Ellen tells him that under that mullet is a great voice. Simon tells him he's got what it takes vocally, but now he needs "a killer, killer instinct." I'm routing for Alex and hopes he finds that killer instinct.

I don't want to spend any time on Todrick Hall. Like Simon, I do not think he's working out. Simon is ready to write him off...I already have....he's got to go. Dance off the stage, Todrick.

And joining him should be Jermaine Sellers. But apparently Jermaine has god on his side or he knows god or something like that...god only knows what Jermaine is talking about...all I know is that I am not a fan. I can't get past the fact that he butchers the English language every time he opens his mouth. "I rocks my onesie." Really? Tonight he looks like PeeWee Herman and sounds like I-don't-know-what. Did he just ask the judges what song he should sing next week? Cheater.

By the way...for all you Ellen naysayers...she is quite funny this evening.

Andrew Garcia is not. Poor Andrew, he can't live up to his "Straight Up" performance. All the breakdancing in the world is not going to save Andrew. I like his voice, even if Randy thinks it's pitchy and all over the place. Seriously, if I could, I would hit Kara. In fact, if Andrew would breakdance over and knock her out...that would be funny. And I would vote for him.

Aaron Kelly's turn. He loves photography and let's us know that the camera does not lie. Deep thoughts by Aaron Kelly. He's actually got a little swagger tonight even if he is singing an old fart song. He sings well, he just picks the wrong song. So what else is new? I grow weary of the song choice issue.

But I like Tim Urban's song: Come On Get Higher. He is very well-spoken. I find myself smiling as I watch his video clip describing last week's performance...which was a disaster. But, Tim doesn't whine or make excuses. He's adorable to watch and his is my favorite performance so far. The judges beg to differ...until Simon...the voice of reason agrees with me. And really, that's all that matters.

They saved the best for last. Lee Dewyze reveals that he's a nice guy who made some bad choices in high school. I'm so glad that he straightened himself out with the help of his teacher, Amy. I think Lee is hot. Smokin' hot. (and yes, I realize I am old enough to be his mother and so that's kind of gross). Other than almost losing his pants a few times during the performance, I think he's fantastic. He has so much passion; it's almost hard to watch him because his eyes reveal so much. He definitely needs more self-confidence, but at the same time, I don't want him to lose that vulnerable side. Love his voice, love his look. He's my fave...

Ok, now I'm going to give Parenthood a try....

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