Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David, David and Syesha

I'm with Simon...David Cook wins the night. Hands down. 

But we start with the other David. 

David Archuleta is on a stage in his hometown somewhere in Utah (but you may think he is visiting the Emerald City) when the mayor (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Wizard of Oz) informs him that Paula has picked Billy Joel's "And So it Goes" for him to sing this week. 

The music starts and David's eyes immediately lower to half mast while his right arm raises and starts waving back and forth. This is code for David is feeling the music. He sings it well and by the end of the song his eyes are almost completely closed. As are mine. His lullaby-sounding song has put me to sleep just as he has done every week this entire season. 

And to think...I was almost feeling sorry for Radio Disney after reading those reports of his crazy father being banned from the rehearsals. But my sorrow has quickly disappeared and I'm back to hating David Archuleta. And yes, I realize that hate is a strong word. And as such, I don't use it often. Only in extreme cases. 

Then it's Syesha Mercado's turn. Syesha sings Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" brought to you by Randy Jackson. Can I just say that I hate Randy Jackson tonight? He is freaking driving me crazy with his ridiculous feedback or lack thereof. I don't think Syesha does this song justice; it's very weak, but she manages to come alive for a bit during the chorus. And she looks phenom in her gold gown. 

Ok, enough about Syesha, back to Randy. Did you pick up on the passive aggressive feedback he gives Syesha? He says that he is happy that she waited until the very end to grow and shine and that is exactly why she is "standing there in number three." So I guess Randy thinks the Davids are better? Numer 1 and 2? He's right, but since I hate him tonight, I will not admit to agreeing with anything the buffoon says. 

Simon Cowell picks Roberta Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for David Cook. David's rendition of this song freaking ROCKS. His version is brilliant and original and contemporary and all those adjectives that the judges look for to describe a performance. But freaking Randy says it's predictable and that he wishes Cowell had picked a song that David could rock out with and do his thing. That's the best you can do, Randy? Really? Oh, wait, he did add that David can sing the phone book. Which is somewhat predictable when you figure that I have heard Paula and Randy use that description about 5o million times over the past 7 seasons. Randy is overpaid. He adds nothing. And I hate him. 

David Cook absolutely wins the first song contest. 

The second song is the contestant's choice.  

Archuleta tries to act like a 17 year old and sing a contemporary song for a change. Ah, but it's a disaster. He falls short with Chris Brown's "With You" proving, once and for all, that he is nothing but a balladeer. He is painful to watch and has a hard time getting the lyrics out and staying on beat. It might be his worst song to date. He is 17 going on 67. 

Syesha chooses Peggy Lee's "Fever" because it's a great song to showcase her sex appeal. She is pulling out all the stops. Sex sells, baby. And I'll give it to you, Syesha is hot. But Simon is right, the performance is very cabaret. She's excited about using the chair as her prop, but it reminds me of a scene out of Chicago (the movie). 

David Cook makes the best song choice with Switchfoot's "Dare You to Move". It sounds great, in fact, it sounds like a song that you might hear on the radio today. This boy is in a league all by himself tonight and I hope America gives him his props. 

And the last song for each of the contestants is chosen by the producers. I repeat - CHOSEN BY THE PRODUCERS. As such, the judges shouldn't say a blessed thing about the song choice as the contestants have nothing to do with the picking of the song. Even David Archuleta's father doesn't have a say in this one. 

So when Radio Disney is told to sing Dan Fogelberg's "Longer" he is just following directions and Randy should think of something other than song choice to comment on during his feedback session. But the big oaf cannot come up with anything original to say, so he comments on the song choice. And I'm with him, it is an awful song and it almost seems unfair except for the fact that Radio Disney has sung this type of boring ballad all season and so you know what? That's what you get. You reap what you sow. You like ballads, they gave you a ballad. Too bad, so sad. 

And the producers aren't doing Syesha any favors with "Hit Me Up" either. Of course, all three judges trash the song choice. And then sweet little Paula calls Syesha out and tells her that she doesn't think it is good enough to get her to the finals. Ouch. That hurts coming from the nice judge. Syesha looks like she's getting ready to have another breakdown, but she pulls herself together and puts on one of her fake smiles. 

My rocker dude friend gets to sing Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and sing it he does. He blows it out of the auditorium and the audience is on their feet going crazy when he hits his final note. And that assclown, Randy, says it is predictable. You know what is predictable? Randy's lame commentary, that's what's predictable. 

So back to what I said at the beginning...David Cook wins the night. Hands down. And I think America will agree. If the final isn't a battle of the Davids, I will be shocked. My only concern is that the final song will most likely be a dramatic ballad - as they always are - and if that's the case, you can pretty much crown Radio Disney right now. Then again, if ever there was a contestant who could make it his own...it is be David Cook. Still I think I'd rather see David Archuleta have to sing a rock song (cause he couldn't do it) than see David Cook sing a ballad (cause you know he'd make it spectacular). 

I've got my fingers crossed for the rocker...


Anonymous said...

L., I just wish you would tell us how you REALLY feel!

L. said...

Yeah, I know. Did I mention that I hate Randy Jackson?

Mike's Universal said...

Could David A aka The Chosen One possibly leave tonight, losing out in the Davids vote, with David C then becoming the next Idol vs. Syesha? Don't take this prediction to the bank, but that's what the spider sense is telling me.

D.S. said...


I love ur blog! LoL, so true...so true...