Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's been a week...

Kimberly Caldwell? Necessary? I think not. 

I know I said I would blog about other things besides Idol, but I have to get the Kimberly Caldwell thing off my chest. For the record, David Cook is my boyfriend, not Kimberly's. Granted, I could have given birth to him, and so, yes, I realize that he's young, but I thought he had more sense then to date that trollup? Kimberly Caldwell? No, not a good way to jump start your career, David. (I think he needs to hire me as his manager.)

I must admit I've missed all the David appearances. I didn't see him on Larry King, I forgot to tune in when he was chatting with Regis and Skinny Kelly, and I'm sure he was on Ellen and I missed that visit, as well. But I'm still basking in the glory of his win and looking forward to him coming to Charlotte in August. (and staying in our guest room.) (BTW - Kimberly is not welcome in this house.)

So since the Idol finale, I've been consumed with the end of school year shenanigans. I swear I've spent more hours at my kids' school this past month than my mother did the whole time she was raising 5 kids. Rifreakingdiculous. Must the school extend me an invitation to every poetry reading, every band concert, every luncheon that my child attends? Look folks, I'll have plenty of time to spend with my kids this summer, so cut me some slack and carry on without me. 

I don't have a lot planned for this summer, so I'm sure I'll be blogging about my kids. My son, in particular, provides me with a lot of material. Take for instance his issues with socks. I can't tell you how many socks we have purchased, washed and after one wearing he declares, "Nope, these aren't going to work." What the? He's 8. He shouldn't be putting so much thought into socks. Last time we went sock shopping (yes, it's an event) I made him try on several pairs before purchasing them. I left the store feeling good and was convinced that sock issues would be a thing of the past. 

Fool. Said socks worked for about a month and then he started complaining about how they rode up on his ankle. And the top part was "too squared off", not rounded enough for his liking. And he really wanted a sock that gradually descending around the pinky toe. Swear. The kid is 8 going on 72. I listened in disbelief and then told him that he was going to wear those socks until they wore out, end of discussion. So he thought about it for awhile and then asked, "Can you sell them on e-bay?" 

E-bay? Really? I've never bought or sold a thing on eBay, so I'm not sure where he came up with this novel idea. Actually, I do. Everything he knows about eBay he learned from Weird Al Yankovick's eBay song sung to the tune of the Backstreet Boy's "I Want it That Way". In Al's version, he "Bought it on eBay". But I fired back, "How about if we keep the socks and sell you on e-bay?" He wasn't offended in the least, in fact, he was overjoyed, "YES! That would be awesome, my friends' mothers will bid on me." 

I'm going to look into eBay. Do you think I can inflate the starting bid by throwing in 50 pairs of almost-new socks?


Mike's Universal said...

The blog rolls on ... yes! Selling socks on eBay might be a saturated market. 20,341 sock items for sale right now. The best sock was the sock puppet of In any case, my nephew speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

Beck Rocks

Anonymous said...

god I've missed you since idol ended. Your niece Izzy shares the same sock-feel-look-texture obsession. It's genetic.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Seinfeld in which Elaine has to buy just the right tube socks for Mr. Pitt, and he rejects hundreds of them? Hilarious.

For my daughter, Emma, it's the putting on of the socks that freaks me out. Yes, she needs just the right sock, but also, it has to be sitting on her foot in EXACTLY the right way, lest there be a small wrinkle, especially around the pinkie toe area. And god forbid the toe seam line is not parallel along her toes. Meanwhile, the school bus has left our stop and I'm having a heart attack.