Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Different Kind of Welcome Wagon

Believe it or not, that pit in my stomach that was the size of the Grand Canyon actually stopped gnawing at my insides for awhile. I managed to get through several days without feeling like I was going to hurl. And then, just when I thought it was safe to start breathing normally again, the pit returned. With a vengeance. It really is like riding a roller coaster; one minute I am cautiously optimistic and the next, my stomach is doing somersaults and I begin to imagine the bottom falling out. 

I'm not sure what triggered the return of the pit. It may have been this morning's headline that confirmed that we are officially in recession. In fact, we may just be in the midst of the longest slump in the post-World War II era. Job losses are mounting and credit is drying up. Good times. 

I need to put on my entrepreneur hat and get creative. So, times are tough, how can I capitalize on that fact? What will there be a market for in the coming year? Stress management. That's the ticket, my friends. I can tell you firsthand that people are going to need help putting a lid on the stress. 

And I have just what the doctor ordered...

Do you remember the Welcome Wagon? When I was a kid, a "hostess" (a woman who was friendly and knowledgeable about her neighborhood) from the Welcome Wagon would show up at the door of a new homeowner and deliver baskets of gifts supplied by local businesses. And over a cup of coffee, the hostess would tell the new home buyer all about the 'hood. 

My goal is to embody this same spirit of warm hospitality, but here's my twist...instead of the new homeowner, you have the newly unemployed and instead of the hostess - you have me! So let's say your friend or your neighbor or your sister gets laid off, well, you call me and for a price I show up at your loved one's door and deliver the goods. But instead of coupons for local restaurants, I provide therapy (and maybe some muffins). 

I know what you're thinking...I am not qualified to be a therapist. But that's where you're wrong. I have always fancied myself a doctor. And psychology just happens to be my specialty. Surely you've heard of Doctors Without Borders? Well I am going to start a group called Doctors Without Degrees. They will be similar in the sense that both organizations are committed to bringing quality medical care to people caught in crisis regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. But different in the sense that the members of Doctors Without Borders have been schooled and trained and I was simply born with a gift. So why not put the gift to good use, right?

I'll show up offering tips and insights and I'll have my listening ears on, for sure. We'll laugh, we'll cry (perhaps have a cocktail) and we'll get through it. I know all about pits in the stomach and roller coaster rides and I'm ready to lend a helping hand. For a price. 

I have an idea, now I need a business plan. 


Mike's Universal said...

Best entry yet! The blog (soon to be a book) is the first thing I read each morning.

I can certainly vouch that you will be/already are a top-notch Doctor Without Degree, if only due to the fact (and there are many other reasons) that your daughter, Dr. Madda, walked around the house as a wee one already living the dream. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea. But perhaps it should be called Comedians Without Borders. Some hilarious chit chat, a cocktail, maybe a muffin. Great idea. You go girl! I'll be the first to sign up.

Nibal Petro Henderson said...

I am so sending you my resume!! First let me update to include my DWD title :)