Friday, December 26, 2008

Putting Away Christmas

I just got done putting Christmas away. Most of it, anyway. 

All the ornaments and the decorations are back in their respective boxes in the attic. The tree still stands, but only with lights and an angel on top. Outside, the bushes still think it's Christmas and will continue to glow until my husband removes the strands of lights and the timer that controls them. (I don't do lights. I don't put 'em up, and I certainly don't take 'em down.) All the gifts are in drawers, closets or in the playroom. There are no signs of wrapping paper, boxes, or bags and the stockings no longer hang by the chimney with care. 

We had a lovely Christmas Eve and a fabulous Christmas day. Santa came with a vengeance despite the recession and our employment status (or lack thereof). In fact, the whole season was magical. But all good things must come to an end, and quite frankly, I find it depressing as hell to look at Christmas decorations after Christmas. Last night as we pulled into our driveway, John Lennon was singing "another year over and a new one just begun..." and I thought it was a very fitting carol as I refuse to listen to even one more Christmas song this holiday season. 

I was talking to a friend on the phone while taking down the ornaments when she asked, "are the kids sad that you are taking down the tree so early?" to which I replied, "Um, well, to be honest with you..they are not aware that I am dismantling Christmas. They're upstairs on the 3rd floor Wii skiing and my guess is that as long as I don't make them help, they will be fine with it. In fact, I'll be surprised if they notice." 

My husband was a little surprised when he walked into the living room and saw what I was doing, but he got over it. We usually keep the decorations up until New Year's day, but this year I have different plans for New Year's day. Besides, it's bad luck to have the tree and all the trimmings up past the 12th day of Christmas and I always like to get a jump on things. I know that my gnome and the Wise Men have my back, but I'm still a sucker for superstition and don't want to tempt fate. 

Not sure when my husband will get around to taking down the lights and hauling out the tree, but I really don't care because my work is done. Well, almost, I have a few dozen more cookies to inhale before January 1st arrives and the diet begins. But I am confident that I can pull that off without a problem...


Karen said...

Mine's staying up until the family party tomorrow, then it's all coming down on Monday. I can't stand the sight of decorations or the sound of carols AFTER the fact either. For me, it's all about the anticipation.

Desiree said...

Hey, let the damn lights stay up as long as you guys want. We still have our lights...just lights up and I think it brings a great atmosphere to our place.

Desiree said...
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Desiree said...
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